House Journal

    [Page 784, Vol. XIII]
    House Journal
    State of North Carolina.  In the House of Commons, May 1779
    At a General Assembly begun and held at Smithfield, on the Third Day of May, 
    in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven Hundred and Seventy-Nine, and in 
    the third year of the Independence of the said State, being the first Session of 
    this Assembly.
    The Sherriff’s and other returning officers within this State certified that the 
    following persons were duly Elected as members of the Commons House of 
    Assembly for the respective Counties and Towns as follows, Viz.:
    Anson – Stephen Miller, Charles Medlock.
    Brunswick – 
    Beaufort – Robert Trip, John Kennedy.
    Bladen – Thomas Brown, Samuel Cain.
    Bertie – 
    Burke – Thomas Whitson, William Morrison.
    Craven – Hardy Bryan, Benjamin Williams.
    Chowan – Thomas Benbury, William Boyd.
    Cumberland – Robert Cochran, Robert Rowan.
    Chatham – Jonathan Harper, John Luttrell.
    Currituck – 
    Camden – Willis Bright, Caleb Grandy.
    Carteret – 
    Caswell – William Moore, Peter Farrow.
    Dobbs – Thomas Gray, Jesse Cobb.
    Duplin – Richard Clinton, James Gillepie.
    Edgecombe – William Haywood, Ethelred Exum.
    Franklin – Thomas Sherrod, Green Hill.
    Granville – Thomas Person, Philemon Hawkins, Jr.
    Guilford – James Hunter, Daniel Gillepie.
    Gates – Jacob Hunter, William Baker.
    Hertford – William Wynns, Authur Cotton.
    Hyde – 
    Halifax – 
    Johnston – Lewis Bryan, Phillip Raiford.
    Jones – Frederick Harget, Samuel Hill Lincoln.
    [Page 785]
    Martin – Samuel Smithwick, Samuel Williams.
    Montgomery – John Kimbrough, Solomon Gross.
    Mechlinburg – Caleb Phifer, David Wilson.
    New Hanover – John A. Campbell, Timothy Bloodworth.
    Northampton – Robert Peebles, James Vaughan.
    Nash – William Horn, Thomas Hunter.
    Orange – William M. Crawley, Mark Patterson.
    Onslow – James Howard, Edward Starkey.
    Perquimans – 
    Pasquotank – 
    Pitt – James Gorham, John Williams.
    Rowan – 
    Randolph –
    Rutherford – 
    Surrey – Gray Bynum, Frederick Miller.
    Tyrrell – Benjamin Spruill, Joshua Swain.
    Wilkes – 
    Washington – 
    Warren – Joseph Hawkins, John Macon.
    Wake – Thomas Hines, John Hunter, Jr.
    Wilmington – William Hooper, Gray Bynum.
    New Bern – Richard Cogdell, Green Hill.
    Edenton – Robert Smith, Thomas Sherrod.
    Halifax – Henry Montford, John Macon.
    Hillsborough – Robert Rowan.
    Salisbury – Robert Cochran.
    Pursuant to which the following members appeared and qualified by taking 
    the several Oaths by Law appointed for the qualification of Members of the 
    General Assembly, subscribed the same and took their seats, to wit, Messrs.,
    William Haywood
    William McCrawley
    Mark Patterson
    William Morrison
    David Wilson
    Caleb Phifer
    Stephen Miller
    [Page 786]
    Charles Medlock
    William Horn
    Thomas Hunter
    Richard Cogdell
    Lewis Bryan
    Thomas Hines
    John Hinton
    Timothy Bloodworth
    Jesse Cobb
    Thomas Benbury
    Fred Harget
    Samuel Hill
    Thomas Person
    Samuel Cain
    Thomas Gray
    Gray Bynum
    Green Hill
    Thomas Sherrod
    John Macon
    Robert Rowan
    Robert Cochran
    [Page 399, Vol. XV]
    Henry Montford
    John Williams
    Joseph Hawkins
    James Gorham
    Daniel Gillespies
    James Hunter
    Jonathan Harper
    Thomas Brown
    Samuel Williams
    Authur Cotton
    Hardy Bryan
    Phil Hawkins
    John Kennedy
    James Howard
    Philip Raiford
    James Gillespie
    John Luttrell
    John A. Campbell
    Robert Tripp
    Willis Bright
    Richard Clinton
    Solomon Gross
    James Vaughan
    Peter Farrow
    Joshua Swain
    Benjamin Spruill
    Jacob Hunter
    William Boyd

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