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Can anyone help with these queries? Or surnames?


I am trying to find this.
I am looking for a surname Phillips that married a person"Jane Bird" that would have 
been in North Carolina, about 1794/95/96.
She married a surname "Phillips"/Phillips.
This was her 1st husband. He died. It had to be before 1804.
Her 2nd husband was Joseph Hicks(could have been spelled "Hix") married her, and they 
came down together to Jasper Co, Ga.(I have all of his children, and their families) 
(It is several boxes of information.)
But, I do not know the first name of this person she married.
By the way, they had a child named "William Phillips", and I do not know
if his attached title was Sr. that was added by him, or if it was part of his
real name at birth.
That would mean, that his father was "Jr." attached to his last name.
That would also mean that his first name was William.
Do you or have you seen any dowery rights, or any deeds, or any land sales, or 
marriage records, or anyone besides me looking for him?

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Claire Chapman
Posted January 29 2014

John Saunders (Pvt NC continental Line) was killed "enroute to their ade" (think 
battle of Charleston SC of May 1780) in spring 1780. 
His wife Susannah Saunders is mentioned in famous Leaksville, NC letter of 1802. 
Their son Robert substituted for the crippled Thomas Hopper at Guildford Courthouse.

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Monte J Sanders
Posted January 29 2014

My 4th great grandpa was Johnathon Prestwood.
He was a Revolutionary War Soldier on the NC Militia.
I am having lots of trouble finding anything on him.

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Christy Drinkwater-Stover
Posted January 29 2014

My ancestor was paid for serving on the Continental Army, Zebedee Baker.
He was paid by William Faircloth but can never see his name pop up other 
than what he was paid.
Any info would be appreciated.

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Danny Baker
Posted January 29 2014

Looking for info on Lt Samuel W. Wasson who was a member of the Salisbury 
District, NC during the Revolutionary War. 
Lived near the confluence of the Grants Creek and the Yadkin River.

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Pat Davis
Posted January 29 2014

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