Colonial Records of North Carolina

    These rosters will contain the names of the North Carolina soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War.

    Saunders, Vol. X – 1775-1776       Pages 164 to 169
    The Journal of the Proceedings of the Provincial Congress of North Carolina, held at 
    Hillsboro, N.C. 20th of Aug. A.D. 1775.
    Pursuant to a resolve of the late Convention, Mr. Samuel Johnston summoned a 
    meeting of the delegates, at Hillsborough on the 20th day of August, 1775, at which 
    time the members from a majority of the counties and towns not appearing, he 
    adjourned the Congress till tomorrow morning at ten o'clock.
    MONDAY, AUG. 21ST., 1775
    At the general meeting of the Delegates of the Inhabitants of this Province, at Hillsborough, the 
    twenty-first day of August, A. Dom, 1775, aforesaid.
    ANSON COUNTY – Thomas Wade, Samuel Spencer, William Thomas, David Love, William 
    BEAUFORT COUNTY– Roger Ormond, Thomas Respass, jr., John Patten, John Cooper
    BLADEN COUNTY – William Salter, Walter Gibson, Thomas Owen, Thomas Robinson, jr., 
    Nathaniel Richardson.
    BERTIE COUNTY – William Gray, Johnathan Jaycocks, Charles Jaycocks, William Brimage, 
    William Bryan, Jedekiah Stone, Thomas Ballard, Peter Clifton, David Standley, John Campbell, 
    Johnston (John).
    BRUNSWICK COUNTY – Robert Howe, Robert Ellis, Parker Quince, Thomas Alton, Roger 
    BUTE COUNTY – Green Hill, William Person, Thomas Eaton, Rev. Henry Patillo, Jethro 
    Sumner, Josiah Reddick.
    CRAVEN COUNTY – James Coor, William Bryan, Richard Cogdell, Joseph Leech, Jacob 
    Blount, Edmund Hatch.
    CARTERET COUNTY – John Easton, William Thomson, Brice Williams, Solomon Sheppard, 
    Enoch Ward.
    CURRITUCK COUNTY – Thomas Jarvis, Gideon Lamb, James Ryan, James White, Solomon 
    CHOWAN COUNTY – Samuel Johnston, Thomas Jones, Thomas Benbury, James Blount, 
    Thomas Hunter, Josiah Granbery.
    CUMBERLAND COUNTY – Farquard Campbell, Thomas Rutherford, Alexander McKay, 
    Alexander McAlister, David Smith.
    CHATHAM COUNTY – Elisha Cain, Richard Kennon, Matthew Jones, Jeduthan Harper, John 
    Birdsong, Ambrose Ramsey, Joshua Rosser, Robert Rutherford, John Thompson, William Clark.
    DUPLIN COUNTY – James Kenan, William Dixon, Thomas Gray, Richard Clinton, Thomas Hicks.
    DOBBS COUNTY – Richard Caswell, Simon Bright, James Glasgow, Abraham Sheppard, 
    Spyers Singleton, George Miller, Andrew Bass.
    EDGECOMBE COUNTY – Robert Bignal, Henry Irwin, Duncan Lamon, Thomas Hunter, Thomas 
    Harminson Hall.
    GRANVILLE COUNTY – Thomas Person, John Penn, John Williams, John Taylor, Memucan Hunt.
    GUILFORD COUNTY – Alexander Martin, Ransom Southerland, James Park Farley, Thomas 
    Henderson, William Dent, George Cortmer, Nathaniel Williams.
    HYDE COUNTY – Joseph Hancock, John Jordon.
    HERTFORD COUNTY – William Murfree, Lawrence Baker, Matthias Brickle, Dan Ridley, George 
    HALIFAX COUNTY – Nicholas Long, James Hogan, David Sumner, John Webb, John Geddy.
    JOHNSTON COUNTY – Benjamine Williams, Samuel Smith, Needham Bryan, William Bryan, John Smith.
    MECKLENBURG COUNTY – James Polk, John Phifer, Waightstill Avery, Samuel Martin, 
    James Houston, John McNitt Alexander.
    MARTIN COUNTY – Kenneth McKenzie, Whitmill Hill, John Everett, William Slade, John 
    Stuart, William Williams.
    NEW HANOVER COUNTY – George Moore, Alexander Lillington, Samuel Ashe, William 
    Hooper, James Moore, John Ashe.
    NORTHAMPTON COUNTY – Jeptha Atherton, Allen Jones, Howell Edmunds, Drewry Gee, 
    Samuel Lockhart.
    ONSLOW COUNTY – Isaac Guion, Henry Rhodes, Edward Starkey, John Spicer, John King.
    ORANGE COUNTY – Thomas Bourk, John Kinchen, Thomas Hart, John Atkinson, John Williams.
    PERQUIMANS COUNTY – Benjamin Harvey, Andrew Knox, Miles Harvey, Thomas Harvey, 
    William Skinner.
    PASQUOTANK COUNTY – Joseph Jones, Thomas Boyd, Devotion Davis, Edward Everigin, 
    Demsey Burgess.
    PITT COUNTY – John Simpson, Robert Salter, William Bryan, James Gorham, James Latham.
    ROWAN COUNTY – Matthew Locke, James Smith, Moses Winslow, Samuel Young, 
    William Kennon, William Sharpe, Robert Lanier.
    SURREY COUNTY – Joseph Williams, William Hill, Martin Armstrong, Joseph Winston.
    TYRRELL COUNTY – Joseph Spruell, Jeremiah Frazier, Peter Wynne, Stevens Lee, 
    Thomas Hoskins.
    TRYON COUNTY – John Walker, Robert Alexander, Joseph Hardin, William Graham, 
    Frederick Hambright, William Kennon.
    WAKE COUNTY – Joel Lane, John Hinton, Theophilus Hunter, Michael Rodgers, Tignal 
    Jones, John Rand, Thomas Hines.
    BATH TOWN COUNTY – William Brown.
    EDENTON COUNTY – Joseph Hewes, Jasper Charlton.
    NEWBERN COUNTY – Abner Nash, James Davis, William Tisdale, Richard Ellis.
    WILMINGTON COUNTY – Cornelius Harnett, Archibald Maclain.
    BRUNSWICK COUNTY – Maurice Moore.
    HALIFAX COUNTY – Willie Jones, Francis Nash.
    HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY – William Armstrong, Nathaniel Nash.
    SALISBURY COUNTY – Hugh Montgomery, Robert Rowan.
    COMBLETON COUNTY – James Hepburn.
    The respective counties and towns having certified that the preceding persons were only 
    elected delegates to represent said counties, and towns in General Congress, to be held 
    at Hillsborough, the 20th day of August Inst. Pursuant to which the following persons 
    appeared, to wit:
    Thomas Respess
    John Patteu
    William Gray
    Charles Jaycocks
    William Bryan
    Zedekiah Stone
    John Johnston
    Robert Howe
    John Jordan
    Lawrence Baker
    Methias Brickle
    Alexander Martin
    Thomas Henderson
    Nathaniel Williams
    Joseph Hancock
    William Sharp
    Robert Lanier
    Joseph Williams
    Nicholas Long
    Roger Moore
    Green Hill
    William Pearsons
    Robert Alexander
    William Graham
    Frederick Hambright
    William Kennon
    Josiah Reddick
    James Coor
    William Bryan
    Richard Cogdell
    Richard Ellis
    Cornelius Harnett
    Archibald Maclain
    Thomas Benbury
    James Blount
    James Kennon
    William Dickson
    Thomas Gray
    Jacob Blount
    John Easton
    Brice Williams
    Solomon Shepherd
    Enoch Ward
    Samuel Johnston
    Thomas Jones
    Thomas Person
    John Penn
    John Taylor
    Memucan Hunt
    Thomas Hart
    John Williams
    Benjamin Harvey
    Andrew Knox
    Miles Harvey
    Thomas Harvey
    William Skinner
    John Simpson
    James Hogan
    Thomas Eston
    Henry Patillo
    Jethro Sumner
    Kenneth McKinzie
    Whitmill Hill
    William Williams
    George Moore
    Alexander Lillington
    Samuel Ashe
    William Hooper
    James Moore
    John Ashe
    Allen Jones
    Issac Guion
    James Gorham
    James Latham
    Matthew Locke
    James Smith
    Moses Winslow
    Samuel Young
    William Kennon
    Robert Ellis
    Parker Quince
    Thomas Allon
    Day Ridley
    Richard Clinton
    Thomas Hicks
    Richard Caswell
    Simon Bright
    James Glasgow
    Abraham Sheppard
    Spyers Singleton
    Robert Bignal
    Duncan Lamon
    William Bryan
    Josiah Granberry
    John Webb
    John Geddy
    John Atkinson
    William Salter
    Walter Gibson
    Thomas Owen
    Thomas Roberson, jr.
    Nathaniel Richardson
    Thomas Wade
    Samuel Spencer
    David Love
    William Picket
    Elisha Cain
    Richard Kennon
    Matthew Jones
    Robert Salter
    Drewry Gee
    Howell Edmunds
    Samuel Lockhart
    Jeremiah Frasier
    Joseph Spruill
    Peter Wynne
    Robert Rowan
    James Hepburn
    Thomas Rutherford
    Alexander McAlister
    Farquard Campbell
    Alexander McKay
    Joseph Jones
    Demsey Burgess
    John Thompson
    Samuel Martin
    James Houston
    James H. Hall
    William Hill
    Jasper Charlton
    Joseph Leech
    Maurice Moore
    Willie Jones
    Francis Nash
    William Armstrong
    John Walker
    Joseph Hardin
    David Sumner
    Benjamin Williams
    William Bryan
    John Smith
    Joel Lane
    John Hinton
    John Rand
    William Brown
    Joseph Hewes
    James Davis
    William Tisdale
    Michael Rogers
    Tignal Jones
    John Cooper
    Needham Bryan
    Ambrose Ramsey
    Robert Rutherford
    William Clark
    Theophilus Hunter
    Thomas Polk
    Thomas Boyd
    Devotion Davis
    Edward Everigin
    Henry Rhodes
    Edward Starkey
    Thomas Burke
    John King
    John Kinchen
    Gideon Lamb
    Waightstill Avery
    Martin Armstrong
    Nathaniel Rochester
    Hugh Montgomery
    David Smith
    John Williams
    Henry Irwin
    Thomas Hines
    John Phifer
    John McNitt Alexander
    James White
    Ransom Southerland
    James Parke Farley
    William Dent
    George Courtner
    Joshua Rosser
    Joseph Winston
    John Birdsong

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