Photos of Kings Mountain and Monuments

    These photos contributed by Donna Sherron

    King's Mountain Monument
    This is a 4 sided monument
    1st Side
    Col James Williams
    Lt Col James Steen
    Maj William Chronicle
    Capt William Edmondson
    Capt John Mattocks
    1st Lt William Blackburn
    1st Lt Reece Bowen
    1st Lt Robert Edmondson Sr
    2nd Lt John Beattie
    2nd Lt James Corry
    2nd Lt Nathaniel Dryden
    2nd Lt Andrew Edmondson
    2nd Lt Nathaniel Gist
    2nd Lt Humberson Lyon
    2nd Lt James Phillips
    Private Thomas Bicknell
    Private John Boyd
    Private John Brown
    Private David Duff
    Private Preston Goforth
    Private Henry Henigar
    Private Michael Mahoney
    Private Arthur Patterson
    Private William Rabb
    Private John Smart
    Private Daniel Siske
    Private William Steele
    Private William Watson
    Private Unknown
    Mortally Wounded
    Capt Robert Sevier
    1st Lt Thomas McCullough
    2nd Lt James Laird
    Private Moses Henry
    Lt Col Frederick Hambright
    Maj Micajah Lewis
    Maj James Porter
    Capt James Dysart
    Capt Samuel Espey
    Capt William Lenoir
    Capt Joel Lewis
    Capt Moses Shelby
    Capt Minor Smith
    1st Lt Robert Edmondson
    1st Lt Charles Gordon
    1st Lt Samuel Johnson
    1st Lt Samuel Newell
    1st Lt J M Smith
    Private Benoni Banning
    Private William Bradley
    Private William Bullen
    Private John Childers
    Private John Chittim
    Private William Cox
    Private John Fagon
    Private Frederick Fisher
    Private William Giles
    Private ____ Gilleland
    Private William Gilmer
    Private Israel Hayter
    Private Robert Henry
    Private Leonard Hyce
    Private Charles Kilgore
    Private Robert Miller
    Private William Moore
    Private Patrick Murphy
    Private William Robertson
    Private John Skeggs
    24 Unknown
    2nd Side
    American Forces
    Where Organized and Commander
    Washington County, Va ~ Colonel William Campbell
    Washington County, NC (Now Tenn.) ~ Colonel John Sevier
    Sullivan County, NC (Now Tenn) ~ Colonel Isaac Shelby
    Ninety-Six District SC and Rowan County NC ~ Colonel James Williams
    Wilkes and Surry Counties, NC ~ Colonel Benjamin Cleveland & Major Joseph Winston
    Lincoln County NC ~ Lt Col Frederick Hambright & Major William Chronicle
    Burke and Rutherford Counties, NC ~ Major Joseph McDowell
    York and Chester Counties, SC ~ Colonel Edward Lacey
    (then part of Camden District) ~ Colonel William Hill
    Georgia ~ Major William Candler
    Colonel James Johnston
    Note: Colonel Charles McDowell, The Regulator Commander of the Burke 
    and Rutherford County Regiment, was absent from the battle on a special 
    mission to General Gates
    British Forces
    Major Patrick Ferguson (K) 
    Captain Abraham De Peyster
    3rd Side
    To commemorate the victory
    King's Mountain
    October 7, 1780
    Erected by the Government
    of the
    United States
    To the establishment of which
    the heroism and patriotism of
    those who participated in this
    battle so largly contributed.
    4th Side
    On this field the patriot forces
    attacked and totally defeated
    and equal force of Tories and
    British Regular Troops.
    The British Commander, Major 
    Patrick Ferguson, was killed
    and his entire force was captured
    after suffering heavy
    loss. This brillant victory
    marked the turning point of
    the American Revolution.
    Col. Patrick Ferguson Memorial
    To the memory of
    Col. Patrick Ferguson
    Seventy-First Regiment
    Highland Light Infantry
    Born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
    in 1774
    Killed October 7 1780 
    in action at Kings Mountain
    while in command of the
    British Troops
    A Soldier of Military Distiction
    and of honor.
    This memorial is from the citizens
    of the United States of America in
    token of their appreciation of the bonds
    of the friendship and peace between them
    and the citizens of the British Empire.
    Erected October 7 1930
    Here Col Ferguson Fell
    Oct 7 1780
    View of part of battlefields

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