These rosters will contain the names of the North Carolina soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War.

    Katherine Keogh White.
    “I recommend the use of this list in your roster”
    Mrs. Van Orsdell, Registrar Gen., Washington, D. C.
    115. Col. Richard Allen, Sr., Wilkes Co.
    119. Andrew Carson, Iredell Co.
    124-125.	William Lenoir, volunteer, Capt. Lt., Surry Co. (now Wilkes Co.)
    140. Robert Abernathy
    141. Daniel Alexander, in Mecklenburg militia, 1778-1781.
    141. Elias Alexander, of Rutherford Co.
    142. James Alexander, received pension for service in N.C. militia, both in 
    Rowan County
    142-142.	Richard Allen, Col. of militia, Wilkes Co.
    143. Vincent Allen, Lincoln Co.
    143-144.	William Alston, born in Warren Co., Lt. Col. of 3rd Reg., member of 
    Provincial Congress of 1776
    144. Thomas Arbuckle, in Fincastle Co.
    144. Matthew Armstrong, pensioned by N. C.   in 1783
    145. William Armstrong
    145. John Baker, received pension in N.C.
    146. John Barton, Wilkes Co.
    146. George Bean (also Been), all Watauga riflemen, under Col. Sevier
    146. Jesse Bean (also Been) Capt., all Watauga riflemen, under Col. Sevier
    146 John Bean (also Been) , all Watauga riflemen, under Col. Sevier
    146. Robert Bean (also Been) , all Watauga riflemen, under Col. Sevier
    146. William Bean (also Been) , all Watauga riflemen, under Col. Sevier
    148. Robert Berry, received pension from N.C., 1833
    148. Thomas Bicknell, Wilkes Co.
    148. William Blackburn
    151. William Bradley, of Lincoln Co., family tradition states he was in Battle of King’s Mtn.
    151. Richard Bradley, of Lincoln Co., family tradition states he was in Battle of King’s Mtn.
    151. Matthew Brandon, born in Roane Co., N.C. (supposed to have served at King’s Mtn.
    152. Capt. Alexander Breckenridge, Fincastle Co.
    152. Capt. Robert Breckenridge
    153. Jacob Brown, lived in Watauga Co.
    153. John Brown, Capt., lived on the Yadkin in Wilkes Co., in 1770
    154. Samuel Caldwell, born in Orange Co., pensioned from N.C.
    154. Joseph Callaway, Legislator from Ashe in 1804 and 1806.
    156. William Carroll, of Lincoln Co., pensioned by N.C. in 1833.
    156. Andrew Carson, Iredell Co., perhaps at King’s Mtn.
    156. John Carson, Capt., Burke Co.
     *Fincastle and Tryon counties no longer exist; each named in honor of a royal Governor,  
    but as these governors sided with Great Britain, in the war for American Independence, 
    the names were abolished, by the expedient of subdividing the two counties.  Fincastle 
    was divided into the counties of Montgomery, Washington and Kentucky.  
    Tryon being divided into Lincoln and Rutherford.
    157. John Childers	}   From Wilkes Co.
    157. Mitchell Childers }
    158. John Chittim, pensioned in Lincoln Co., N.C.
    158. James Clark, pensioned in Lincoln Co., N.C.
    158. Michael Clark, pensioned in Lincoln Co., N.C.
    159. Benjamin Cleveland, commanded the men from Surry and Wilkes Co., at King’s Mtn.
    159. Robert Cleveland, died in Wilkes Co. in 1812
    159. Samuel Clowney, settled on the Catawba
    161. James Collins, from Lincoln Co.
    161. Samuel Collins, from Lincoln Co.
    162. William Cook, in the Surry troops under Cleveland
    162. Charles Cook } pensioned in N.C., claimed by descendants to have served at King’s Mtn.
    162. Edward Cook	 }
    162. Robert Cook	 }
    162. Thomas Costner, received pension in Lincoln Co., 1833
    162. Martin Coulter, of Surry Co., pensioned in Lincoln Co., 1833
    162. Thomas Cowan, born in Rowan Co.
    162. William Cox, living in Watauga in 1775
    163. James Cozby (or Cosby), regimental surgeon under Sevier
    164. Joseph Crockett, Capt. of militia
    164. Walter Crockett, Maj.	}   of Fincastle County
    164. William Crockett, in militia	
    164. John Crockett, father of Davy Crockett, was with the militia from Lincoln Co.
    166. John Crow, commanded a company from Fincastle at Point Pleasant
    166. George Dameron, pensioned in Lincoln Co.
    166. Lawrence Darnell, surveyor, went to Fincastle in 1774
    167. Benjamin Davidson } home at Davidson’s Fort, in the extreme west of Burke Co.
    167. William Davidson	
    167. John Davis, Capt.
    167. Nathaniel Davis
    167. Samuel Davis	}  all owned land in Fincastle Co. in 1774
    167. Robert Davis	
    167. Joel Davis }   pensioned by N.C.
    167. Nathan Davis	
    168. Joseph Dickson, commanded a company of Lincoln Co. men
    168. Joseph Dickson, of Rowan Co., a Major at King’s Mtn.
    169. Joseph Dixon (Dickson) }	of the N. C. Line
    169. John Dixon (Dickson) }	
    169. Joel Dixon (Dickson) }
    169. Rev. Samuel Doak of Watauga } Watauga County
    169. Jesse Duncan, in Cleveland’s Regt.		
    169. Joseph Duncan, Sevier’s		
    169. John Duncan		
    170. Peter Eddlemon, in Lincoln Co. regiment and pensioned in Lincoln Co., 1835
    170. William Elmore, pensioned in N.C.
    171. Benjamin Estill, one of the first justices of Fincastle
    171. Samuel Espey, living in Lincoln Co., in 1770; wounded at King’s Mountain
    171. James Ewart	}   in N. C. Line
    171. Robert Ewart	}
    171.  James Farewell, with Lincoln Co. men
    172. Edmund Fear, from Burke Co.
    172. Thomas Fear, of N.C. Line, pensioned but name does not appear in the battle roll
    173. James Gaines, Sr., pensioned in N.C., in 1833
    174. Harris Gammon, in militia of Washington Co., N.C.
    174. John Goss, of militia, Washington Co., N.C., Sergt. under Sevier
    174. Thomas Gillespie }   settled on Watauga in 1772
    174. George Gillespie }
    175. Devereux Gilliam, early settler in the fork at the mouth of the French Broad.
    175-176.	Enoch Gilmer }   brothers from Lincoln Co.
    175-176.	William Gilmer }
    176. Benjamin Gist, a justice of Washington Co., in 1778, Capt. in its militia in 1780
    177. Joseph Godwin }	from Lincoln Co., pensioned in Lincoln in 1833
    177. Robinson Godwin }	
    177. Samuel Godwin }	
    177. Preston Goforth, in the Rutherford troops under Col. Hampton and was killed by 
    brother who was on tory side.
    177. Charles Gordon, native of Va., who moved to Wilkes Co., N.C., where he became 
    a Maj. of militia.
    178. Chapman Gordon }   in N. C. troops
    178. George Gordon }
    178. Thomas Gourley (also Gorly and Gorely) early settler on the Watauga
    178. Col. William Graham, born in Va., moved to Shelby Co., N.C., where he died 
    in 1835
    178. James Gray, from Rutherford
    178. Jesse Green, early settler in Watauga
    178. Alexander Greer, early settler in Watauga
    179. John Gregory } of Lincoln Co., pensioned there in 1833
    179. William Gregory }
    179. Nathan Gwaltney, from Lincoln, pensioned in 1833
    180. Nicholas Hafner (Hofner), pensioned in Lincoln, 1833
    180. Simon Hager, pensioned in Lincoln; 1833
    180. John Haile, early settler at Watauga
    180-181.	Frederick Hambright, before the Revolution, moved to Long Creek in Tryon 
    182. Andrew Hampton, born in England, but in 1751 was living in Rutherford Co., N. C., 
    Capt. in 1776, Col. in 1779
    182. Edward Hampton, a brother and a Capt.
    182. Jonathan Hampton, with Rutherford troops
    182. Capt. Samuel Handly, born in N.C.
    184. Robert Hansley, in N.C. militia
    184. William Hansley, in Albemarle militia, was not at King’s Mtn.
    184. John Harrell }	pensioned by North Carolina
    184. Joseph Harrell }	
    184. Kidder Harrell	}	
    184. James Harris, born in N.C., 1736
    186. John Helm, in Lincoln militia, pensioned in Lincoln in 1833.  It is a family tradition
     that he was in the battle of King’s Mtn.
    186. Abraham Helton, of N.C. militia
    186. Conrad Henniger, on the Middle Fork of Hokton in Fincastle in 1774
    186. Henry Henry	} brothers living in Gaston Co., N.C.
    186. James Henry	}	
    186. Moses Henry	}	
    188. James Hill, from Lincoln
    189. Daniel Horton	} early Watauga settlers
    189. Henry Horton	}
    189. Joshua Horton }	
    189. Zephaniah Horton, pensioned in N. C., but his application does not say whether 
    he was in the battle of King’s Mtn.
    191. David Hughes	} early Watauga settlers
    191. Francis Hughes }
    191. Thomas Hughes }
    191. Thomas Hunter, from Gaston Co.
    192. Zachary Isbell, early Watauga settler
    192. Jeremiah Jack, Watauga settler
    193. William Jackson, Capt.
    193. George Jarnigan (Jernigan), Lt., pensioned by N.C. in 1844
    194. James Johnson, born in Lincoln Co., 1742
    194. Robert Johnston (Johnstone), pensioned by N.C., 1835, privt.
    194. Capt. William Johnstone, pensioned in N.C.
    195. Daniel Jones, of N.C.
    195. John Jones, a Watauga rifleman
    195. Robert Karr (Carr), lived in what is now Greene Co., N.C.
    196. Robert Kennedy, mentioned by Heitman as a Capt. in the N.C. service
    196. Henry Kerby, in N.C. militia
    196. Joseph Kerr, born in Pennsylvania, the family moved to N.C. when he was very young.
    197. John Kidd, with the Lincoln men and was pensioned
    198. Robert Knox, in militia of Lincoln Co., N.C., pensioned in 1833
    198. Benjamin Knox
    198. James Knox	}   on N. C. pension list
    198. Samuel Knox	}
    198. Tidence Lane, born 1764, was in N.C. Line
    199. George Ledbetter, Capt. of Rutherford troops
    199. James Lee, born in Va., settled at High Shoals, N.C.
    199. James Leeper, moved to Davidson Co. in the winter of 1780-81, and was a Capt. on the border.
    200. Shadrach Lefy, Lincoln Co. man, and pensioner
    200. Maj. Micajah Lewis, born in Va., 1755, moved to Surry Co., N.C.
    200. Capt. Joel Lewis, born in Va., 1760, moved to Surry Co., N.C.
    201. Joseph Logan	}   Lincoln Co. men in the Company of Mattocks
    201. William Logan	}
    201. Robert Lucas, on the Watauga in 1772, at King’s Mtn.  A Capt. under Sevier
    201. Major Isaac Lucas, brother of Robert; in 1781 moved to Davidson Co.
    201. Capt. Joseph Lucas, an early Watauga settler
    201. Capt. Joseph Lusk, was on the Watauga in 1776.
    202. John McAdoo, early settler on Watauga
    202. William McCafferty, Irish merchant, near Charlotte, who turned the British army into 
    a wrong road to protect the whigs on their way to King’s Mtn.
    203. William McCarthy, was under Cleveland, pensioned in Lincoln in 1833
    203. Francis McCorkle, in 1774 on the Committee of Safety for Rowan Co., N.C.
    204. Magnus McDonald, in the N.C. militia
    204. Charles McDowell, Col., born in Va. 1743, did at Morganton, N.C., 1811
    204. Maj. Joseph McDowell, brother to the colonel, commanded a regt. at King’s Mtn.
    204. James McElwee, a native of N.C.
    204. Robert McFarland, Lt. in the battle; moved from N.C. to Wythe Co.
    205. McKee ------, the mother of Maj. William Chronicle, first married a McKee in Penn.  
    He died in Lincoln Co., N.C.  The Maj. Was the only son by her first marriage
    205. Capt. David McKessick, wounded at Ramseur’s Mill, it is claimed that he was 
    present at King’s Mtn.	
    205. Alexander McLain, came from Ireland to N.C.
    206. Tapley Mahannas, from Lincoln Co., N.C., pensioned there
    207. Josiah Manor, in the N.C. troops, is said to have been in the battle, pension application 
    does not give it
    207. Salathiel Martin, in the N.C. troop
    208. Patrick Mason	} of Lincoln Co., pensioned in 1833
    208. Thomas Mason	}
    208. Capt. John Mattocks, of the Lincoln Co. men
    209. William Mayes, a N.C. Soldier, pensioned in Lincoln as a privt., 1833
    209. Adam Meek, came from Ireland while young, settled in Mecklenburg Co., N.C., and was 
    a signer of the Mecklenburg petition.   Lt. at King’s Mtn.
    209. Nathan Mendenhall, said to have been with the Lincoln men; pensioned in Lincoln, 1833
    210. Elijah Mitchell, born in Mecklenburg Co., N.C.
    211. Alexander Moore, in the Lincoln militia, pensioned in Lincoln, 1833.  Tradition says he 
    was at King’s Mtn.
    211. John Moore, born in Lincoln in 1759.
    211. Alexander Moore } brothers of John, in Rev., and all claimed as King’s Mtn. men
    211. James Moore	 }
    211. William Moore }	
    211. John Morehead, born in Richmond Co., Va., 1766, moved to Rockingham Co., N.C., 
    where he died 1832
    211. Peter Morrison } of Burke Co., N.C.
    211. William Morrison }
    211. Jeremiah Munday, a Lincoln Soldier, pensioned there in 1833
    212. Henry Murfree, claimed as a N.C. participant
    212. Teeler Nave, one of the first settlers of the Watauga
    212. Abraham Nave } Sons of Teeler Nave.   Tradition is that they were under Shelby
    212. Conrad Nave }
    212. Henry Nave }
    212. John Neal, of N.C. militia
    212. John Nelson, N.C. private
    213. Isaac Newman, in the militia from Guilford
    213. John Newman, early immigrant to the Watauga
    214. Eli Overton, of the N.C. militia
    214. George Parke, born in Amherst Co., Va., when a boy went with his father to the Yadkin
    215.  Humphrey Parker, from Lincoln Co., where he was pensioned
    215. Arthur Patterson, native of Ireland, settled near King’s Mtn.
    215. Arthur Patterson, Jr. } sons of Arthur, all in the battle
    215. Thomas Patterson }	
    215. William Patterson }	
    215. William Patterson of Patterson’s Mill on the Watauga was in the battle
    216. Elias Peebar, one of the early Watauga settlers, signed the Halifax petition
    216. Adam Peck came from Botetourt, one of the first pioneers on Mossy Creek
    217. Jesse Perry, pensioned in Knox, 1833, for service in the N.C.  militia; tradition is 
    that he was in the battle
    217. Joseph Phillips, served under Cleveland, moved from Surry Co., N.C., to Clairborne 
    Co., Tenn.
    217. Ezekiel Polk, signed the Mecklenburg declaration
    218. William Potter, of the Lincoln militia, pensioned in N.C., claimed he was in the battle
    218. Thomas Preston, commanded a company under Sevier.  In the Watauga purchase of 
    1775, his name appears, etc.
    219. William Rankin, with the N.C. troops
    219. Benjamin Reed
    219. James Reed
    219. Thomas Reed
    219. William Reed
    219. John Reed
    219. Joseph Reed
    219. Samuel Reed
    The above seven names are those of James Reed's seven sons; all were at King's Mountain 
    (Note: The seven names are bracketed "pensioned at King's Mountain.")
    219. Adam Reep, lived on west bank of Catawba
    219. Michael Reep, pensioned in Lincoln Co., N.C., name does not appear as a King's Mtn. man
    219. Charles Regan, pensioned in Lincoln; it is the tradition that he was in the battle
    219. Henry Remfeldt, pensioned in Lincoln, 1833, not known whether he was at King's Mtn.
    219. James Reese, lived in Greene Co., noted for the state of Franklin; the others from the 
    county in the same convention being Daniel Kennedy, Joseph Hardin, John Newman, and 
    James Roddy. All were King's Mtn. soldiers
    219. David Reese, a signer of the Mecklenburg resolutions
    219. William Reeves, on Watauga in 1775, signed the Halifax petition of 1776
    220. Elisha Reynolds, born in Wilkes 1775; became a Lt.
    221. William Robertson, of the Rutherford men, under Hampton, was wounded 
    221. William Robinson, lived in Rutherford Co.
    221. Thomas Robinson, brother to William
    221. William Robinson, a Lt. under Sevier; signed of [sic] the Halifax petition
    221. James Roddy, early settler on the Watauga
    222. John Ross, born 1764; served in the N.C. militia; said to have been at King's Mountain
    223. Samuel Scott, Sr., a minute man under Campbell, born in N.C.
    223. Thomas Scott, brother to Samuel, in militia
    223. William Scott, brother to Samuel, in militia
    223. Gen. John Sevier lived at fort on Watauga, the first built on that river
    223. Valentine Sevier, Capt., born in London, settled first in Va., then came with his 
    brother and father to Watauga where he settled
    223. Robert Sevier, another brother, also a Capt.
    223. Abraham Sevier, another brother, a privt.
    223. Joseph Sevier
    223. James Sevier
    (Note: These two names are bracketed "sons of the General")
    223. Robert Shannon, Capt. of Lincoln Co.
    224. Adam Sherrill, born on the Yadkin, 1758
    225. John Shirley, under Cleveland, probably from Watauga
    225. John Sigman, of Burke Co., a Capt. under McDowell
    225. Daniel Siske, of Wilkes Co., was killed
    225. John Smart, a Rutherford soldier
    225. David Smith, born in Anson Co., N.C.
    226. John Stamey, said to have been in the battle, pensioned in Lincoln Co., N.C., 1833
    227. Matthew Talbot, Sr., early Watauga settler
    228. James Tatum, in the battle, pensioned in Watauga Co., N.C.
    228. Andrew Taylor, Jr., in the N.C. troops
    229. Major (blank) Temple, moved to Mecklenburg Col in 1766
    229. Philip Tillman, a Lincoln man, pensioned in Lincoln Col, N.C., 1833
    230. James Todd, probably of Watauga Co.
    230. David Vance, born in Frederick Co., Va., 1748, early removed to N.C. In 1797, he was living 
    in Buncombe, a Col. of militia
    231. John Waddell, a settler on Watauga, 1775
    231. Martin Waddell, also early settler
    231. William Walker, of Rutherford Co., pensioned in N.C.
    232. George Webb, a man of affairs on Watauga
    232. John Weir, born in Ireland 1743, settled at Weir's Bridge in Gaston Co., N.C. In the Revolution 
    a scout, then a Capt.
    232. Charles Whit, of Lincoln Co., N.C., pensioned there
    232. Isaac White, Lt.
    232. James White, Capt.
    232. Thomas White, Lt.
    (Note: These three names are bracketed "born in Pennsylvania, moved to Lincoln Co.,
    N.C. in 1779")
    233. Daniel Williams, Capt. under Marion; he was born in Wilmington Co., N.C.
    234. Samuel Williams, born in N.C. 1733; a Capt. under Sevier
    234. Joseph Wilson
    234. Robert Wilson
    	(Note: These two names are bracketed "in the N.C. Line")
    234. Zaccheus Wilson, signer of Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence; member of provincial 
    Congress of 1776, etc.
    235. Maj. Joseph Winston, born in Louisa Co., Va., 1746; moved to Stokes Co., N.C. 1769, etc.
    235. Elisha Wither, of the Lincoln Co. men, pensioned in N.C.
    235. John Witherspoon, born in 1760, a privt. under Cleveland; after the war, represented Stokes two 
    years in the legislature
    235. James Withrow, born in Va., 1746, died 1836; moved to Rutherford Co., served under Hampton
    236. Jacob Womack, on the Watauga, 1772; signed the Halifax petition
    237. James Alexander, born in Rowan Co., N.C. 1756; entered the army from Lincoln
    237. William Carr, enlisted from Mecklenburg Co., N.C., 1775
    237. Pharoah Cobb, born in Northampton Co., N.C., 1752; enlisted in Watauga settlement, 1776
    238. Robert Culbertson, born in Penn., enlisted from Caswell Co., N.C., 1780
    238. John Duckworth, born in Va., 1759; died in Burke Co., N.C., 1843; enlisted 1776
    238. William Feinster, born in S.C.; died in Iredell Co., N.C.
    238. John Floyd, born in Mecklenburg Co., N.C., 1758; enlisted 1776
    238-239. Nicholas Gibbs, said to have been at King's Mountain, received a land grant from North 
    Carolina for services in the Continental line
    239. James Gray, born in Va., 1755, enlisted in the "Liberty Men," from Rutherford Co., N.C., 
    applied for pension in Rutherford, 1832
    239. Joel Hampton, enlisted from Wilkes Co., N.C. 1779; in service till 1783
    239. John Helms, born in Botetourt, 1761, applied for pension in Lincoln Co., N.C. 1833
    239. Joseph Henry, pensioned in Buncombe Co., 1832
    239. Joseph Henry, enlisted from Lincoln Co., N.C.
    239. John Henry
    239. Moses Henry
    (Note: These two names are bracketed "brothers of second Joseph, were killed at King's Mtn.)
    240. Samuel Johnson, Lt. at King's Mtn., and was wounded, pensioned by North Carolina about 
    240-241. John Love, born in Va., pensioned 1832, when living in Wilkes Co., N.C., at King's Mtn., 
    a substitute for his father, James.
    241. Francis McCorkle, born in Scotland 1740; died in Salisbury, N.C., 1802
    241. Henry Massengale, born 1758, enlisted in N.C.
    241. Michael Massengale, born in Northampton Co., N.C., 1756
    241. Samuel Martin, born in Ireland, 1752; died in Lincoln Co., N.C., 1836
    241. Benjamin Newton, born in Va., enlisted from Caswell Co., N.C.
    242. Asher Reeves, enlisted from Wilkes Co., N.C.
    242. Elisha Reynolds, died in Wilkes Co., N.C., 1836, in service 1776-81
    242. Bethiel Riggs, moved to Wilkes Co., N.C., and took Cleveland’s place at King’s Mtn. 
    when the latter was wounded
    242. David Smith, born in Anson Co., N.C., 1753
    242. James Taylor, substituted in Surry Co., N.C., serving in the Third N.C.; moved to Blount Co.,
    where pension was allowed in 1832.
    242. William Utterly, born in Connecticut, died in Wilkes Co., N.C., 1794
    244. William Walton, enlisted in Wilkes Co.
    245. James Wyley, born in Mecklenburg Co., N.C., 1762, pensioned in Blount Co., 1833

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