Benjamin Askew

This information is contributed by Margarette Stout

Benjamin Askew born 1747 Bertie County, NC married Susannah ? died 1831 Lenoir County or 
Jones County, NC

Children: John, Josiah, Zadoch, Nathan, Susannah, Elizabeth, Peggy

This information from booklet about Askews written by Corinne Beasley Price daughter of 
Margarette Corinne Askew Beasley daughter of James Henry Askew and Sarah Lewis Askew. 

James Henry Askew born 1858 wrote in Waldo, Arkansas , November 11, 1926:
   "My great grandfather Benjamin Askew was born in Jones County, North Carolina in 1747.  
This is as far back as I have any knowledge of the Askew family, and this was told me by my 
father.  He remembered his grandfather, Benjamin Askew quite well and frequently told me he 
was a Dutchman.  Askew is  English, but you can't tell a man's nationality by his name.  My 
great grandfather,   Benjamin, was a Revolutionary soldier and served part of his service under 
General Anthony Wayne. He was at one time during his service as a soldier placed as a picket
with others on the opposite side of a river from where the American army was camped, with 
orders that if the red coats came in sight to fire on them, throw their guns in the river, and swim 
to the American side. Before they swam to the other side bullets of the enemy were striking the 
water near them as they swam, but none were killed. On another occasion Benjamin was with 
American troops who captured a British camp and a good lot of supplies, among which was a 
good supply of good old Jamaica rum. My great grandfather Benjamin Askew died in Jones 
County, North Carolina, in 1831.  My grandfather, John Askew and my father James Edward 
Askew and my Uncle Benjamin Franklin Askew were at his house when he died, at the age of 

Corinne Beasley Price became a member of DAR through Benjamin Askew 1747.  For 
membership in DAR Corinne Price and niece Helen Aldridge used the voucher issued Benjamin 
Askew for payment for service in the Revolution dated August, 1783.  Her DAR # is 659341, 
Capt. David Love Arkansas chapter.

Martha Jane Kitchens 1927 AR- 2001 LA m George McDowell 

Mary Helen Askew 1893 AR-1964 AR  m George Kitchens 1884 AR-1965 AR

James Henry Askew 1858 AR-1929 AR m Sarah Lewis

James Edward Askew 1819 NC-1905 AR m  Sarah Goolsby

John Askew  1789 NC-1866 AL m Elizabeth King

Benjamin Askew 1747 NC-1831 NC  m Susannah ?

John Askew  1710 VA-1751 NC m Margaret Elizabeth Boone

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