Charles Word, Jr

This information is contributed by Carolyn Parkman

My ancestor, Charles Word, Jr. moved from Virginia to Surry Co N. C. about 1770. He had fought in the Battle of Fort DeQuesne in the Colonial French and Indian War under then Col. Washington, when Gen Braddock was mortally wounded. Most of the soldiers were slaughtered by the French or tortured to death by the Indians after being captured. Only the Virginians, knowledgeable in how the Indians fought from behind trees, etc., survived and escaped that battle. When Ferguson sent word over the mountain that he was coming to wipe out the nest of rebel vipers, Charles Word, Jr. picked up his gun and joined those gathering to do battle with Ferguson and the tories. Charles Word, Jr. was one of the few rebels who lost his life that Oct. day in 1780. He left behind a widow, with eight small children. He began a will while dying that was completed by a friend when he couldn't finish, I am sure at his request. The N. C. courts first honored it but in 1782 or thereabouts, the courts denied it ( maybe because his widow was about to remarry, and the prospective groom got involved? ) at any rate, the property was not divided until the two older children became of age and I am sure forced the division.

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