Cynthia Smith

This information is contributed by Gini Crosslin September 14, 1998

According to family tradition, Cynthia SMITH at age 12, in 1780 confronted General Cornwalllis at his encampment near her home in Camden. Family tradition states that British troops took Cynthia's cow after destroying the family plantation, store, grist mill and cotton gin which was located in the Camden area. Cynthia, incensed, pursed the troops and confronted Cornwallis. Cornwallis declared "you are a sturdy little rebel" and returned her cow and gave her a pair of silver knee buckles as a present.
Cynthia SMITH married Thomas CARTER c1795 in Camden, South Carolina. They removed to North Carolina a few years later. After her husband Thomas died in North Carolina, Cynthia and children removed to Pennsylvania, then to New Harmony, Indiana and finally to Jefferson Co, Illinois.
Cynthia was my G-g-g-grandmother. Here is the genealogy:
1-Cynthia SMITH b c1768 Camden, SC, d New Harmony, IN sp: Thomas CARTER b SC, d NC, m c1795 Camden, SC
2-Sarah CARTER b c1801 SC, d 1871 IL
sp :Frederick HARTER (aka HART) d IN, m 2/18/1823 Posey Co, IN
3-Sabra HARTER b c1825 IN , d 5/11/1905 Jefferson Co, IL
sp: James D LOYD b c1826 TN, d 1872 IL, m 1853 Hamilton Co, IL
Amanda E LOYD b 7/26/1861 Jefferson Co, IL, d 3/26/1954 Jackson Co, OR
sp: William B FOSTER b 10/23/1857 Jefferson Co, IL, d 1/1952 Jefferson Co, IL
4-Clarance R FOSTER b 4/14/1893 Jefferson Co, IL, d 10/27/1975 Bethany, OK sp: Nellie M ANDERSON b 1897 Ravendon, AR, d 1951 Jackson Co, OR

This story was published in 1929 by Dr John W Wayland, PhD, in "History Stories for Primary Grades".

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