Daniel Bailey

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Daniel Bailey- fought at Battle of kings Mountain under Col.
Cleveland & battle of Cowpens under Gen.  Morgan.  Served 6 mos.
under Capt. Lewis under Capt. Benjamin Cleveland.  & mustered into
service at Salisbury, NC.  Marched to Anson, NC & from there to
Moncks Corner in SC. under Col. Hearn.  Then to Charlestown, Camden &
Orangeburgwhere he was wounded in the hand taking a party of
Tories.   He returned to Camden & was commisioned Capt. of the
Fatigue Guard by Col. Hearn.  & marched to Hanging Rock in the summer
of 1870.  He the marched to Cowpens & was wounded by a musket ball in
the right leg.  He carried scars from these wounds all his life.  He
was also in the Battle of Kings Mtn. & was taken Prisoner by a
detachment of Cornwallis' Army & taken to VA. They were fired upon by
Col. Bucknell's men & he escaped & eturned to Gen Morgan's Camp & ws
discharged by Col. Brandon.  All of his papers were destroyed in a
house fire & because of legal battles he did not collect a pension
untill after his death in 1855.  He served 2 years as Capt. of the
Fatigue Guard 7 1 yr. as a Pvt.

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