Ezekiel Whaley

This information is contributed by Charles Flink

Ezekiel enlisted on the 20th of July 1777 as part of Colonel Abraham Sheppards and Company 
Commander Captain John Sheppards 10th North Carolina Regiment. He was later part of the 
2nd North Carolina Battalion.

He was discharged on the 4th of July 1783 at James Island, SC. He served five years and eleven 
months. He was taken prisoner in Charleston during the British Siege of the City. He was listed as 
a Private in the Continental Army. Upon leaving Continental Army he lived out his life in Lenoir 
County, near the town of Kinston (called Kingston then) as best I can tell. Lenoir was renamed as 
such after the war. It was originally called Dobbs County after a royal governor. Lenoir was a 
Revolutionary War hero. His pension was $8 per month, and began on 15 October 1818 and 
remained in place until his death. The Pension was granted under the Revolutionary Claim Act 
of 1818. He also received a lump sum of $133.44 because he did not collect his pension until 
1820. He received a supplementary declaration from the army in 1821.

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