Francis Miller

This information is contributed by Nancy Jo Miller

Francis Miller was born 16 Oct. 1753 at sea on a voyage from Philadelphia to Charleston, SC. He next appears in Mecklenburg Co. NC; married Jane ________ on 19 Sep 1775. He entered the service on his 22nd birthday, 16 Oct. 1775; marched to Cross Creek to subdue the Scottish Tories; served 3 mo 5 days. Spring of 1776 he is appointed Capt by Gen. Wm. Davidson over 100 men called Riflemen Rangers, marched against the Cherokee Indians. served 3 mo 16 days under Col Robert Erwin and Gen. Pickens. In Autumn of 1780 he marched his company from Mecklenburg to Rugeley's Mill, SC, meeting Col. Lee and Col. Wm. Washington. Under the direction of Col. Washington he fashioned a pine log to resemble a cannon which was placed in a position near the bridge which cannon appeared to command both the house and barn of Col. Rugeley. A formal demand for surrender was made and being alarmed at the apparition of a cannon, Rugeley sent out a flag and surrendered his force of 112 men on 4 Dec. 1780. Capt. Miller and company thereafter marched to Hanging Rock, SC serving 2 mo and 5 days. In Jan of 1781 under the command of Col. Robert Erwin, Maj. James White & Maj. James Harris, marched his men to Guilford Court House and there was placed under the command of Gen. Green; served in battle on 8 March 1782; serving 3 mo and 14 days. Francis and Jane Miller relocated into SC, TN, KY and settled as pioneers of Greene County, IL in 1821 with two sons, James and David. Capt. Miller applied for pension in early 1833, but being unable to produce his original commissions as required by law due to his discharge papers being destroyed in a house fire 30 years prior and being unable to locate friends who served with him, he was forced to relinquish his claim as a Capt and was awarded his pension as a private. The Bureau acknowledged his service only as a private in the company commanded by Captain Polke of the regiment commanded by Col McCall in the N. C. Line for 12 mo and 10 days. Francis died 19 Feb. 1843 and his widow thereafter received his pension until her death on 24 Oct. 1845. Both are buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Greenfield, Greene County, IL. Their children as listed on the Bible page located in the National Archives: John b. 26 Aug. 1776, James b. 10 June 1778, Jemima b. 17 Aug. 1780, Agnes b. 14 Mar. 1782, William Slone b. 8 July 1784, Sarah b. 14 Feb. 1787, David b. 2 Sep 1789, Margaret b. 30 Aug. 1796. I am a 4th gr-granddaughter.

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