Govey Clampitt

This information is contributed by Charles M. Clampit

From information of Sarah Clampitt's ,wife of Govey Clampitt, is the 
following information  .... before me James Turk presiding justice of the 
court of pleas and justice ...Govey Clampitt ... doth on his oath make 
the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of an act of 
Congress... that he enlisted under the command of Captain Matthew 
McCally of  Colonel Shepherd's regiment of the North Carolina Line 
before the Battle of Monmouth.   ....He was discharged below Dover.

The information below was obtained from the book "Roster of Soldiers From 
North Carolina in the American Revolution" Compiled by the Daughters 
of the American Revolution. 

Clampett, Govey, Private Enlisted in 10th Regiment- Col. Abraham 
Shepard in Vanois' Company on 1 Feb. 1777 for 3 years. He was 
omitted from the rolls in March 1779.   

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