Jacob Eberhart

This information is contributed by Melanie Powers

According to his pension application, Jacob Eberhart (b. January 18, 1756 or 1763, Burke County), 
served under General Griffith Rutherford.  John McDowell was the captain of his regiment, which 
was quartered in Fayetteville, NC.  His second tour of duty was in Charleston, SC.  General 
Charles MacDowell, Colonel Joseph MacDowell, and Captain John Holmes were in charge of his 
group.  He stated that he left Charleston a few days before the siege began.  Jacob's next tour 
was at Camden, SC, under a Major Donahue.  His next tour was in Burke County as a militiaman, 
where he was under Joseph MacDowell, Roland Alexander, and John Carson.  During his last tour 
of duty, he was a volunteer at the battle of King's Mountain, where he served under Colonel Shelby 
and Captain Little (Lydle?).  After marching along with the prisoners to "Moravian Town," he was 
dismissed from service.  Later, he moved with his family to Oglethorpe County, Georgia, where he 
died on May 18, 1850.  He is listed in the roster of Georgia pensions.

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