John Johnson

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John Johnson, born May 12, 1745 at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania died May 14, 1902 at North 
Carolina.  He married Roseannah Lytle on February 28, 1783 at Randolph County, North Carolina.  
She was born November 10, 1764 at Pennsylvania, and died in 1852 at North Carolina.

Capt. Rev. War
Alternate spelling John Johnston
JOHNSTON ,   John      
Birth:     12 May 1753 
Rank: Capt 
Service: NC
Death: NC    13 Mar 1802 
Patriot Pensioned:  No 
Widow Pensioned:  No  
Children Pensioned:  No  
Heirs Pensioned:  No  
Spouse:    (1) Rosannah Lytle

"John Johnston along with brothers, Robert, Joseph, Henry and sister, Mary, came to NC about 
1773/4 from Lancaster County, PA. They settled in the upper part of Randolph county. When the 
Revolutionary War came on, they all served as soldiers through the war. 

NOTE: In 1839 the Family Bible was in Missouri.
Conflicting information concerning the birthdate for John Johnston: born May 12, 1753 and died 
March 13, 1802. Brother, Joseph, gave May 5, 1753 as the date of his birth when applying for a 
pension. Pension records on file of John & Joseph and a small sheet of paper found in Rosannah's 
file clears this up....(the paper stated that John died the 14th day of March, 1802 at the age of 56). 

Therefore, it has been determined that he was born on May 12, 1745 and Joseph was born on May 
5, 1753. Tombstone inscription shows that he died in 1802, May 14. (Lytle family burial ground)

Guardian Report for will of John Johnston dated February 1816 list children:
Margarett; Hezekiah; Betsy (Elizabeth); Clemmons; and Polly (Mary).
SOURCE: The Johnson & their Kin of Randolph Co. - Randolph Room, Asheboro Library

Military Records of John Johns(t)on (II) after he came to NC.....
Penson file W-5011 for Rosannah Johnson contains letters regarding the military services of her late 
husband. Applied for pension benefits thirty-seven years after her husband's death. Exerpts from 
letters indicate the contribution to the cause of American independence.

"....Capt. John Johnson of Randolph Co., NC was a Private for 3 mo. 19 da. and appointed Captain 
(3 years) of one of the districts into which Militia of the central part of the colony was divided. He 
held this position until discharge in 1780 (pension file W-5011). This record implies that he had a 
military record before coming to NC. More than likely, his training came while in PA. from Rev. John 
Elder who organized the men and boys of his churches under the name the "Paxtang Rangers". 
They were the terror of the Indians, they wer "swift on foot, excellent horsemen, good shots, skilled 
in pursuit or escape, dexterous as scouts and expert in maneuvering." (Dauphin Co. Diographical 

Revolutionary War:
A sworn statement from Sherwood Kennedy who fought along side of John Johnson, states the 
following facts: He witnessed the marriage of John to Rosannah Lytell in Randolph Co., NC Feb 8, 
1783 at the house of William Millikan Esq. who performed the ceremony; John Johnson was a 
Captain of a corps of Militia under the command of General John Butler and Col. John Collier and 
Lt. Col. Jeduthan Harper. He rendezvoused at Bell's Mill, Randolph Co., in the autumn of 1780 and 

marched thence to Salisbury in Rowan Co., NC. This corps of Militia was called out against the 
British in their march from Charlotte NC eastward...... Sherwood Kennedy Feb 2, 1839

John Johnson and wife, Rosie, settled about 1/2 mile from Robert Johnson (Caraway) on the North 
side of the old Asheboro Road.

Taxables List:
No date John Johnston......440 acres 1 poll
Rosannah " .....374 acres
1814 Henry Johnston....254 acres 1 poll
Thomas Johnson..100 acres
1838 Lytle Johnson Sr. 100 acres 6 black polls
Robert " 32 acres
Andrew " 150 acres & 134 acres (Hunts Fork)
John " 325 acres (Caraway) 226 acres (Muddy Creek) 175 acres (Uwharrie)
Joseph " ,Jr. 93 acres & 70 acres Uwharrie"

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