John Stansell

This information is contributed by Carla Townsend


John STANSELL was born in 1758 in Beaufort (Pitt) County, NC Lived in
Wake (or Johnston) County in 1775, where he enlisted for first tour of
duty along with brother Jesse. Marched with unit into backcountry of
South Carolina, and on way back settled in Mecklenburg (Union) County,
NC. Served as a dragoon in militia units of Captain Charles POLK 1776-77
to Cross Creek and against Cherokees. Appears to have been part of 4th
NC Continental Line in 1777-78 along with Colonel William POLK, but
little documentation available on this term. Active again as militiaman
when war returned south in 1780. Pension application W6200 reads:
/"John Stansell, who was a soldier of the army of the United States
under William Polk as Captain (Colonel) in the Southern Division of the
army commanded by General Greene...also served as a dragoon some length
of to two years, maybe more."
/State controller's records indicate John and brother Jesse also served
in units in eastern NC, paid by Newbern District in 1781. John STANSELL
returned to Mecklenburg (Union) at end of war, married Edith POWELL in
1786, and raised a family of nine children near present-day Indian
Trail, NC after living in southern Cabarrus County 1786-1795. Militia
captain in Cabarrus 1793-95, justice of peace in Mecklenburg County
1804-08 - died July 12, 1826. Many children moved west to Georgia,
Tennessee and Alabama, but descendents of some branches still live in
Charlotte, NC area. Son John STANSELL, II settled Chattanooga area,
fought in War of 1812.

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