Nathaniel Waller

Contributed by: Joshua Waller

-Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants

	Waller, Nathaniel. NC Private. 1 July 1825, 640acres

-Pension application

	have copy

-Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files

Waller, Nathaniel, NC line, S42051, appl 23 Oct 1818 New Hanover Co. NC, 

in 1821 sol had a wife and children at home

	-have copy

-Index to Revolutionary War Service Records

	Waller, Nathaniel, srv as Pvt in NC Troops, card #2998 roll #54

-Roster of the Continetal Line From North Carolina, 1st Regiment, Col. Thomas 

Clark, Carterís Company, Waller, Nathaniel, Pvt, enlisted 1782, served 18months

-Nathaniel Waller, age 18, joined the army on June 1, 1782 in the 3rd Regiment 

of NC Continental Troops, Capt. Benjamin Carter's Company and served until 

the war ended.  He was discharged at Charleston, SC in 1783.

-1825, Nathaniel Waller, NC Private, 1 July recieved 640 acres. 



-1830 Duplin County Census lists the following with Nathaniel Waller

2 Males (from 20-30), 2 Females (from 20-30), 1 Female (from 50-60), 1 

Male (from 60-70). 

-Pension Roll of 1835 states that the individual lived in New Hanover County.  

He was a private, NC Continetal Line.  Receiving $96 annual allowance.  

$1475.35 received as of 1835.  Pension started April 1, 1819

-1840 Duplin County Census lists the following with Nathaniel Waller

1 Male (from 20-30), 1Male (from 70-80), 1 Female (<5), 1Female (from 30-40), 

1 Female (from 70-80)

had revolutionary war pension in 1840 duplin county census.  Listed as being 

76yrs old.

-Name and Rank: Waller, Nath'l, Pt.

Company: Carter's

Dates of Enlistment and Commission: 1782

Period of Service: 18 mo.

-Nathaniel Waller of New Hanover County of North Carolina duly sworn maketh 

oath that in the year 1782 he entered the service of the United States in the 

Continental line of North Carolina in the North Carolina Regiment, in Benjamin 

Carter's Company.  That he served until he was regularly discharged after the 

peace of 1783 and further swears he is poor and in need of the aid of his 

country--signed: Nathaniel Waller

-Oct 23rd 1818-North Carolina, New Hanover County, the above direction was 

subscribed and sworn to by Nathaniel Waller before this ????  ?????  of this 

???? of the superior court of ????   ??  ?? of the said state this 23rd Oct 1818. 

signed ????

-Jeremiah Williams being duly sworn and maketh oath that the above facts set 

forth in the affidavit of Nathaniel Waller in his affidavit are true.  Signed: Jeremiah 

Williams HIS MARK

-State of North Carolina, New Hanover County the ????? affidavit of Jeremiah 

Williams this day that he is of New Hanover County was ??? to the individual 

by ????  before ??? in ?? of this hand of the state superior courts of law and 

equity of the said state this 28 Oct 1818 signed: ????

-district of North Carolina, I Harry Potter, District judge of the state for the district 

aforementioned do herby certify that form the foregoing declaration of the 

accompanying testimony it appears to my satisfaction that the said Nathaniel 

Waller did service in the Revolutionary War against new ???  ?? For duration 

of nine months or until the end of the war on this continental ???? and that he 

is poor and need the aid of his country and I ??? ??? ?? proceedings and 

testimony put into my hand for that purpose (Judy Baker being died) to the 

secretary for the war department. 1st Jany 1819 H. Potter, ??? [taken from a 

exact copy of his actual pension request, transcribed by Josh Waller on 

30 SEP 2007]

-District of Wilmington, New Hanover County of North Carolina,

--On this 13th day of August 1821, Personally appeared in open court, being a 

court of record for the court aforementioned, Nathaniel Waller aged fifty seven 

years, resided  in the county and district aforementioned who being first duly 

sworn according to the law doth  on his oath declare that he served in the 

Revolutionary war as follows.  That he entered into the ????service June 1782

in the 3 Regiment of North Carolina Continental troops commanded by Colonel 

Arch. Lytle and Capt. Capt. Benj. Carter's Company of said Regiment and 

served to the end of the war.  That his original declaration was made some time 

in the month of October 1818.  The number of the pension  Certificate is 8839, 

and dole solemnly swear that I was a resident  citizen of the united states on 

the 18 day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift, sale, or in 

any manner displayed of my property or any part thereof, with intent thereby do 

to diminish it, as to ring myself within the provisions of an act of Congress, 

entitled " an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval 

service of the United States in the Revolutionary War."  Passed on the 18th 

day of March 1818 and that I have not , nor has any person in trust for me, 

any property or securities, contracts, or debts due to me, nor have I any income 

other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me 


-3 axes, $5.0

-1 plow, $2.0

-2 hoes, $1.50

-1 pine table, $1.0

-2 iron pots, $2.0

- 5 chairs, $2.0



-a few carpenter's tools, $25.0

-1 small chest, $2

-1 cotton spinning wheel, $2.0

-1 cotton ???, $1.0



-no stock of any kind

signed: Nathaniel Waller

-That I am a carpenter by trade but from infirmities I am not able to follow 

the business of.  That my family consists of the following members, my 

wife who is infirm, one son (John) about 19 years of age much affected at 

times with pain by which he is not able to work.  One son (Levin) about 13 

years of age.  One daughter (Nancy) about 16 years of age.

-Sworn and declared on the 13 day of August 1821 before Thos?. F. Davis

-I Thos. F. Davis, Clerk of Court of New Hanover County do hereby certify 

that the foregoing oath and the schedule whereto annexed are truly copied 

from the record of the said court and I do further certify that it is the opinion of 

the said court that the total amount in value of the property exhibited in the 

aforesaid schedule is forty four dollars and 50 cents.  In testimony where of I 

have here unto let my hand and affixed the seal of said court and the 13 day 

of August 1821.   Signed Thos. F. Davis Clk.[taken from a exact copy of his 

actual pension request, transcribed by Josh Waller on 30 SEP 2007]

-Duplin County 1840 Pensioners List 

This is a listing of the 1840 Pensioners List in Duplin County. I have transcribed 

the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census 

transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote 

it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

No Township Listed  

William Alfin          Age 74 

Nathaniel Waller    Age 76 

James Moore        Age 77 

John Davis            Age 78 

Thomas Kennaday   Age 78 

John Rigby           Age 78 

Thomas Wright     Age 78 

James Blauton     Age 79

Jesse Brown        Age 79

Samuel Gauff      Age 81 

Bezzent Brock    Age 82  

William Taylor     Age 83 

David Charlton     Age 84 

Daniel Withington  Age 85 

William Carr       Age 87 

James Holland   Age 93 

Kadar Harrell     Age 94 

-U.S. Pensioners, 1818-1872 

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