Richard Murphy (Murphrey)

This information is contributed by Sue Skay Abruscaato

Richard Murphy became the guardian of Willis, Willie and Mary Jane Murphrey in 1810 
in Amite Co., MS.  These orphans were the children of Richard Murphrey of Sampson 
Co., MS.  In 1808 they originally were put under the guardianship of Willis Magee in 
Sampson Co.  These children traveled to MS with the Magees.  My husband descends 
from Willis & Priscilla Dixon Murphrey.
According to some older research done by Murphrey researcher Ima Mewborn, the 
Michael & William Murphy/Murphrey of Duplin/Sampson was the son of Capt. Jack 
Murphrey and Elizabeth Harrison.  Capt Jack was out of the Isle of Wight VA Murphreys.  
A males descendant of our Willis Murphrey has entered the Murphy DNA project and 
has been tested against two known male descendants of Capt. Jack with a match of 
35 of 37 markers.  The first 12 were identical matches.  This does indicate that
they do not desend from Michael or William Murphy/Murphrey, but do descend from a 
common Isle of Wight ancestor.  We suspect they are the children of a John Murphrey 
with wife Ann.  Many of the male childrens names also show up in early Duplin land 
records.  Also a child from this family, Sarah Murphrey, was married to Alexander 
Chestnutt, another early Duplin/Sampson resident.
We believe the Richard Murphy (Rev. War soldier) was the son of Michael Murphy/
Murphrey, and that the Richard Murphrey who's orphaned children  were put under the 
guardianship of Richard Murphy in Amite Co, MS were cousins.
Would love to hear from anyone researching these families

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