Thomas Hilliard

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Thomas Hilliard ---Revolutionary Pensioner.
"Copied from application for headstones to the Quartermaster General
U. S. A. Washington D. C. dated Apl. 13, 1927 applied for by James
Walter Allen Dept of Justice Washington, D. C.

Name:  Thomas Hilliard   Rank: Pvt   Company: Capt. Gideon Gooch 1781, 
Capt Smith 1779
Granville Co N. C. Malitia Invalid Pension No 9576 Oct of 1832
Thomas Hilliard 2nd. Warren County,Private.North Carolina Militia
$20.00 annual allowance. June 5,  1834 pension  started.
Born 1760 New Kent Co. Va Date of death: 1852

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State of N Carolina
Court of Pleas & to session
Warren County
August Term 1832

             On thurs 27th day of August 1832 personally appeared in
open court before the justices of said court, now sitting, Thomas
Hilliard of the county aforesaid, aged about 70 years--who being first-
duly sworn according to law-oath or his oath make the following
declaration in order to obtain the benefit of this act of congress
offered thirty th june 1832 to wit & that he was born in the county of
New Kent State of Virginia-that when quite young his parents moved and
settled in this county of Granville, N Carolina-& that he does not
know his precise age-having no register of it-but is confident that he
is upward of seventy years old. About the last of february 1779 he
volunteered in Granville aforesaid for three months in the militia
under the command of Capt. Smith & Lieut. Rice Worth of said county,
that the company to which he was attached was marched to James Bilboes
fishery on Roanoke River in the county of Mecklenburg,virginia, where
they were employed in catching and barreling shad for the army. The
fishery and seines being preped for that purpose. That he received at
this and of the three months from Capt. Smith as he now thinks, a
discharge which he has lost or mislaid & can not now find. In the next
year 1780, this class to which he belonged furnished a substitute
which exempted him from the draft then called for. about the last of
january 1781, he was drafted in this county of Granville aforesaid for
three months service as militia man under the command of Capt. Gideon
Gooch and was marched with his company to Hillsboro N Carolina, where
they joined the 12 months men, commanded by Col. Long of the county of
Halifax N.C. and Maj. Armstrong, that he remained at that place, and
was employed with the militia and State troops in protecting the
general assembly of N.Carolina. Then and there convened and in keeping
the Tories in check, who had threatened the general assembly and
commited much mischief in the neighborhood and country around under
Col. Flemming, by plundering houses, destroying property and in some
instances killing the whigs. This affirmed states that at the
expiration of this second service he received a discharge from Col.
Long as well as he remembers but this with his other discharge has
been lost or mislaid & that he can not name first hand , never
considering them of any use after this termination of this war. He
recollects the names of Capt. Trent & Capt. McFarland who commanded
companies of militia at Hillsboro at this period. During this latter
service he heard that the battle Guilford was fought and that General
Greene afterwards marched with this american forces under his command
toward the south, and Cornwallis with the Britis troops toward
Wilmington,N.C. and back through Halifax, N.C. to Virginia.
             This applicant hereby relinquishes his every claim to a
pension or annuity except this present, declares that his name is not
the pension rolls of the agency of any state and that he never has
received any compensation for his services.
             He proved of new, persons whose personal knowledge, he
can prove his services, and this orderly corroboration testimony in
his form is that presented by this respectable person who have among
us do and subscribed this affidavit. He lived in Granville during his
services aforesaid within a very few miles of his first residence,
the county of Warren where as was taken from the county of Granville &
was first earlier
  Butte and afterwards Warren.
Sworn to in open court.
Emual  Drake CK
Ct.                                                    Thomas Hilliard

Warren County,NC  Will Book # 42    
Will of Thomas Hilliard

                   In the name of God Amen, I Thomas Hilliard of the county of Warren 
and the State of North Carolina, being of sound & disposing mind  & memory, do 
make &  publish & declare the following to be my last will and testament, that is 
to say:
First= I leave to my wife Sally Hilliard during her life or widowhood, all my estate, 
real, personal, mixed of whatever kind or description.
2ndly. My Will is that upon the death or marriage of my wife, whichever shall first 
happen, all of the estate lent her with the exception of the negroes & increases
be sold by my executors herein after named ( and they may improvise accordingly) 
& that the proceeds of the sale  together with the negroes and  their increases be 
divided into eight equal parts or shares; & it bequeathed to my sons, John Hilliard,
Tommy Hilliard, William F Hilliard, Bartlett Hilliard, & my daughter Mary White, 
each one share. And to my son Micajah Hilliard, two of land shares. The other and 
eighth share I bequeath  to John Hilliard & his heirs & and assigns- on first 
nethertheless & to & for the following intents and purpose; that is to insure that he 
the said trustee shall do in all aspects and means as he may deem fit use and 
employ the same inference and prudence thereof from time to time & direct sum 
or sums as he may choose apply  for & toward the support & maintenance of my 
daughter Martha Beckham & her family during her life or in her discretion & subject 
to his pleasure present and offer the said Martha to receive and apply the same to 
the purpose aforesaid and none other it being expressly intended and I hereby 
declare my will to be that the said share or any portion of it or the interest or profits 
thereof, shall in no event to his taking or subject to or for the present or future debts 
over engagements of her husband, Moses Beckham and upon this I further direct 
that at and upon the death of the said  Martha, he, the said trustee do and shall 
dispose my legal and absolute estate, all said I have, and the interests and profits 
thereof if any, in hand to all the children. ------------------said Martha who may. It being 
at her death-----------share other. I expressly change this share with the sum of fifty 
two dollars and direct that the said share to William F Hilliard  pay the same to my 
estate. And that the same be considered as a part of my estate and the share 
presented for and distributed in the general division here before divided. My will is 
that should  my wife Sally desire at any time during her life to allot and set apart to 
any of the children any part of the estate let her -to that child for that purpose hereby 
authorize and empower her to allot and set apart to any such child or children 
excepting (Dandridge)  not according in value the share or shares of such child or 
children such part of said estate that she may be able to spare-to bring a receipt for 
the share and that the same be made of and accounted for in the general division 
among my children that heretofore has been in this will to give  to each of my 
children an equal share in the estate. I have omitted all shares for my son Dandridge 
only because I advanced previously a sum equal to what I suppose would be the 
equal of one share and the two shares given to my son Micajah are in consideration 
of a sum of money monthly given me and intended in full satisfaction. Lastly, I 
nominate institute and appoint my sons John, Tommy, & W F Hilliard and my 
wife Sally as executors of this will. I published & in testimony whereof I have hereto 
set my presence of hand and seal this 21st. day of october 1848.

William Newman
James Ellington                                          Thomas Hilliard             seal

Warren County       February  court     1852
     Presented here writing proporting to be the last will and testament of Thomas 
Hilliard was offered for probate and proved by the oaths of William Newman and 
James Ellington authoring witness for thereto &------------,John Hilliard one of the 
executors named qualified herein form as such.

                                                                Test.  W.White        Clk.

Thomas Hilliard and wife Sally Bowden are burried in the old Hilliard cemetary. 
The cemetary is located on the Hilliard farm sold to the Ellingtons  in the 1800’s. 
Some of the old Hilliard records remain in an iron safe in the Ellington house. 
Their will was probated 1852 in Warren county.
This also agrees with “The Bartlett Family”North Carolina State Library.
Records of St.Peters Parrish ,Virginia
Register of St. Peter's Parish, pages 161-186 - New Kent Co. VA. 1760

From St.Peters Parrish records page 161
Christened !8 May 1760 in St.Peters Parrish Chrch,Virginia

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