William Brimer

This information is contributed by Michael Brimer

Benjamin Brimerís son William, was born January 2, 1759 in North Carolina.  
William grew up in North Carolina.  Records indicate that he fought in the Revolutionary 
War by first volunteering for service in Wilkes County, North Carolina at age 18 in July, 
1777.  He was apparently in the campaign against the Cherokees in the valley towns, 
as part of the North Carolina Militia.  He then volunteered again in July 1778 and 
marched to Monckís Corner, near Charleston, South Carolina, and then on into
Savannah.  He was discharged from the military on April 9, 1779.  He then volunteered 
again for a third time in Washington County, North Carolina (which is now part of 
Tennessee) in 1780 under Captain Valentine Sevier and Colonel John Sevier.  William 
became part of Colonel Sevierís 240 man force

Colonel Sevierís group joined forces with approximately 1,150 other men from 
surrounding areas to pursue the forces of British Lieutenant Colonel Ferguson.  
From that group, a 910 man battle force (which included William Brimer) joined forces 
with an additional 460 men from other units and, as part of a 1,370 man battle force 
that has been described as an ďAvenging HordeĒ from the backwaters of the deep 
southern regions, caught and decimated the British at the Battle of Kings Mountain 
on October 7, 1780.  That battle was, in the words of Thomas Jefferson,  ď...
the joyful annunciation of that turn of the tide of success which terminated the 
Revolutionary War, with the seal of our independence."    The National Park Service 
has since designated the area as a  historical site to mark the significance of the 
battle.   William was a private in his service, which totaled fourteen (14) months.   

In 1784, at the age of 25, he met, courted and married 20 year old Elizabeth Elgin in 
Washington County (Tennessee).  Elizabeth had been born in North Carolina as well, 
in 1764.   

William and Elizabeth ultimately had 4 sons and 7 daughters who were born in various 
places in both North Carolina and Tennessee.  

As a Private in the North Carolina Militia, the records of the 1835 Tennessee Pension 
Roll indicate that William was awarded a pension at age 75.  He was to receive an 
annual allowance of $46.66 for his service.  The records also indicate that he had 
received a total of $139.98 as of February 11 1833.   

William and Elizabeth eventually settled in Sevier County, Tennessee, where William 
passed away on July 19, 1834 at age 76.  William is believed to be buried in the Flat 
Creek Area of Sevier County.  Elizabeth passed away in Sevier County, Tennessee 
on September 9, 1844 at age 80.  

daughter:  Reboth   b.  ____
son:          John    b. 1785, North Carolina
son:          James   b.1787, North Carolina  (* see 1832 Cherokee County GA land lottery)
son:          Vineyard Rhoten   b.  1 May 1792, Maywood, North Carolina
daughter:  Tabitha   b.  1793, Jefferson, Tennessee
daughter:  Sabath   b.   1793, Jefferson, Tennessee 
daughter:  Sarah   b.   1794, Jefferson, Tennessee
son:          William S. b. 1795, North Carolina   d.  17 Mar 1883
daughter:  Nancy   b.  1796, North Carolina
daughter:  Barbara Mary   b.  1796, Haywood, Tennessee
daughter:  Elizabeth   b  1798, Jefferson, Tennessee

Additional notes:

We can state with certainty that his grandfather Hans Michael jurig Brimer, came from 
Europe, and landed in Port of Philadelphia on the London - based ship "Hope" in 
August, 1733 at age 27.  He then traveled south, and settled into Orangeburg area of
 S.C. as one of the original land grant recipients.  He was given lot 170 in Orangeburg, 
and owned it from 1735 thru 1765. 
But we are having trouble "fleshing out" more information about his father Benjamin 
Brimer, who was born about 1733 in North Carolina as his father was traveling from 
Philadelphia to Orangeburg.  He was raised in South Carolina, then moved to North 
Carolina at some point, where he was married in 1753 to Rebecca (last name 
unknown at this time).   We have found information that he was registered as a 
property owner in Rowan County, NC in 1759. 

William Brimer 1759-1834
volunteered for service in Wilkes CO, NC  in July 1777 
in the campaign against the Cherokees in the valley towns. 
He volunteered again in July 1778 and marched to 
Monck's Corner near Charleston, South Carolina 
and then into Savannah. He was discharged on April 9, 1779 
and then volunteered a third time in Washington CO, NC (now Tennessee) 
in 1780 under Captain Valentine Sevier and Colonel John Sevier 
and was at the battle of Kings Mountain. 
He was a private in his service totaled fourteen months. 

(Great-grandfather of Thomas Brimer, husband of Sarah Louisa Reneau.
Sarah was the daughter of William and Priscilla Denton Reneau

Here is some information on the Revolutionary War pension that was apparently 
granted William Brimer late in his life.

William BRIMER Private, North Carolina Militia, $46.66 Annual Allowance $139.98 
Amount Received February 11 1833 Pension Started Age 75 (1835 TN Pension Roll) 

Brimer, (Primmer)William 
Born Abt. 1757 Served in the North Carolina Militia died in October 10, 1834 
He is believed to be buried in the Flat Creek Area 

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