Declarations for Pensions

    These pension rolls will contain the names of the North Carolina soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War.

    93.    John Abbott, enlisted June 1st, 1781, Guilford County.
    93.    Joshua Adcock, of Caswell County.
    94.    Daniel Alexander, of Mecklenburg County.
    95.    Jesse Alsobrook, enlisted in Halifax County.
    97.    Col. Richard Allen, Sr., of Rowan County (now Wilkes), entered the services in 1775.
    101.  William Allen, volunteered Sept. 1781
    102.  John Allison, entered the service in 1778, in Orange County, under Capt. William Lytle.
    104.  Francis Antrican, entered the service in April 1781, under Capt. Thomas Donohough. 
    106.  Westwood Armistead, of Northampton County.  In battle of Guilford Courthouse his
    company having to flee to Troublesome Iron Works, he then was returned a soldier under 
    his brother Anthony Armistead.
    107.  William Armstrong, of Lincoln County.
    111.  Wyatt Ballard, entered the service in 1781, in Warren County, in Capt. Carterís Company 
    	in the Regt. of Col. Dixon.
    111.  John Butler, enlisted in Windsor, N.C., in 1776
    112.  John Denney, of Guilford County.
    113.  Andrew Carson, of Iredell County.
    126.  William Graham, of Rutherford County.
    128.  Pleasant Henderson born in Granville County, Jan. 9, 1756.
    131.  Benjamin Hester, of Granville County, joined Capt. Taylorís Company at Troublesome Iron
    	 Works the day after the Battle of Guilford Court House.
    132.  William Hunt, of Granville County.
    133.  John P. Ives, volunteered in the Militia about the beginning of the Revolutionary War.
    133.  James Jones of Daviess County, Ky., born in York County, Penn. in yr. 1760, moved to
    	 Rowan County, where he resided during the Revolutionary War.  A volunteer in 1778 in
    	 Rowan County, under Capt. Wm. Wilson.
    135.  William Lenoir, a volunteer from Surry County (now Wilkes).
    142.  Daniel Lane, in 17th year, drafted to guard the jail in New Bern, volunteered in 1779.
    143.  James McBride, of Guilford County.
    145.  James Martin, of Guilford County.
    150.  Salathiel Martin, in the Battle of Kingís Mtn. & Guilford C. H.
    151.  John Montgomery of Guilford County.
    152.  William Polk, of Wake County.
    154.  Austin Prescott, private N.C. Artillery in the Continental Line, in Rev. War.
    154.  John Taylor, Senr., of Granville County.
    158.  John Wilfong, of Lincoln County, enlisted in 1780.

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