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Can anyone help with these queries? Or surnames?

APRIL 2007

I am trying to identify if an ancestor of mine (John Lemon b. abt 1745, d. 6 Aug 1816) 
is the same John Lemon listed as a Revolutionary War veteran. We have not been able 
to find his father's name, but one of his sons was Alexander A. Lemon b. abt 1782). 
Can you help me?
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Steevun Lemon
Posted April 26, 2007
I am researching Jeremiah Melton
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Ann Pounds
Posted April 26, 2007
MAY 2007 I am trying to find out if my ancestor was a patriot in the Revolutionary War can you help? Joseph Thrailkill b. abt 1762 NC d abt 1788 NC m 1785 spouse: ? Pullium His mother was from Orange Co. and some siblings were born in Chatham Co. Email direct at:
Tee Devine
Posted May 5, 2007
I am trying to locate a Henry Brittain who was a member of Col. Elisha Clark's Georgia Militia during the Revolutionary War. He was described as not being from Georgia. I know there were Brittains who lived in North Carolina in those times and wonder if he might have come from there. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Email direct at:
Tom Brittain
Posted May 30, 2007
Can you help me find any information on a Maj. John Carruth who was born in 1750 and died in Lincoln County, NC, on June 8, 1828? Thank you Email direct at:
Lib Wilson
Posted May 30, 2007
Searching for an Elijah Lee, born in VA in about 1760 and died in TN about 1840. Lived in Buncombe County, NC in the late 1790s and very early 1800s. Possibly served in the NC militia. If so, in the Northwestern part of the state. Some possibility he served with the British. Any info appreciated! Email direct at: Larry Lee
Posted May 30, 2007
JULY 2007 I am looking for information on the Revolutionary War service of Joseph GENTRY (born about 1720 in Virginia, died Apr 1813 in Surry county, NC). He and his son Samuel GENTRY (born about 1748 in Virginia, died in 1816 in Barren county, KY) were said to have been patriots. This book says: Richard Gentry, THE GENTRY FAMILY IN AMERICA; New York, Grafton, 1909, facsimile reprint by Salem, MA, Higginson Book Co. [1997]; pp. 254-255 His service as a revolutionary soldier are in records of the Auditor's Office of NC. What records would be referred to, and where are they now? Email direct at: Karen Theriot Reader
Posted July 26, 2007
I am seeking information on Batholomew Curtis who served during the Revolutionary War. He died in 1821. He was both deaf and dumb, but was the several major battles. Email direct at: Robert D. "Danny" Ricketts
Posted July 26, 2007
Trying to find a Smithwick (John) who applied for pension June 1832 from Martin County, NC and states he was enlisted for 7 months and battle he was engaged in was Guilford County Court House served I think under a Capt Smithwick. Any help you can give me to prove he was in the Revoluntary War will be greatly appreciated. Email direct at: e.bunch
Posted July 26, 2007
I know James Shaw is in the Patriot Index and his daughter, Lucy was married to Aaron Powell. I have a copy of his will. But my problem is proving that my Eaton was their son. Circumstantial groupings of Eaton with others of this Powell family lead me to believe he was their son, but I find nothing that documents it. Eaton Powell, b. c 1793 Halifax Co. NC m. Holley Adams, d/o Benjamin Adams --- The will of Benjamin Adams has Eaton as a witness and James Powell (Probably James, s/o Aaron and Lucy Powell) was the executor. James and Eaton along with Hampton Powell who was Aaron's brother all moved to Clarksville, Montgomery Co. TN. Eaton and Holley sell their land to William Powell, Jr ( Aaron's brother, William Powell, Jr.) Eaton served in War of 1812 along with Ransom Powell who was also brother to Aaron. So you see, there is much evidence to support Eaton was Aaron's son and Aaron had a son in the 1800 census of the right age to be Eaton, but I don't find documentation to submit. Email direct at: Linda Garrett
Posted July 27, 2007
I am researching my family history and believe that Robert Hendry (A055013) was a patriot from North Carolina. I am applying to the Florida Chapter of the DAR and waiting to hear about approval from them about my history. The information I have said he was from Scotland but, lived in NC. and married Ann Lee from Black River New Hanover Co. N.C. Feb. 1778. Please let me know if you have further information on him please. Email direct at: Diane Mietz
Posted July 27, 2007
Does anyone know if Thomas Triplett was in the North Carolina Continental Line? If I'm not mistaken Thomas's Uncle "Charles Triplett" was in, and died while in the NC. Continental line. Charles died in Dec. 1776, while only serving 3 months. Email direct at: Dory Triplett Swafford
Posted July 27, 2007
My ancestor, Richard Russell, was a soldier in the 4th Virginia and was at Valley Forge. He moved to Anson County with his family and died there. I wish I knew where he is buried. Email direct at: Betty Jo Ritchie
Posted July 27, 2007
AUGUST 2007 My name is Ron Tarburton and I am doing in depth research on the so-called Philadelphia campaign of 1777 in which General Francis Nash and his men distinguished themselves on many occasions. I have been looking all over creation for some kind of likeness of Francis Nash and wanted to know if you might know where one might be found. It is my intention to elevate this great soldier to the level of importance befiting his role in the birth of our great country, something that I believe has not happened and as a result his contributions are all but forgoten and overlooked. I need a face for this man. Is there some likenesss of him? I have found one of his brother, Abner Nash but none for him thusfar. Can you help me. Email direct at: Ron Tarburton
Posted August 5, 2007
My family comes from the South Fork River area near Hardin, NC. That is now in Gaston County, but it was originally Tryon and Lincoln Counties. My ancestor, Nicholas Friday, settled in that area around 1756 I believe. Early courts in Lincoln County were held on his property. I believe he helped lay out the boundaries of the town of Lincolnton, too. I was recently told that he participated in the battle of Ramsour's Mill and that he was listed on a roster belonging to Major Moore's regiment of patriots. I cannot find such documentation. Is there anyway you could assist me and verify such a claim? I know he was listed as being in the Safety Committee under a Captain Carpenter before the war began. With the battle being fought so close to his home, I'd expect that he took some role in it, but I have found nothing to corroborate that notion. I was reading the history for Lincoln County (written by Mr. Nixon) on a website and saw Nicholas listed as "Capt. Nicholas Friday." I have never seen that before either. I appreciate any help or direction you can provide to me. Email direct at: Joe Friday
Posted August 8, 2007
SEPTEMBER 2007 My 4th great Grandfather Robert Caruthers lived in Lincoln County during the RW, married the daughter of John Pittillo there about 1781. He died and is buried in Maury County, Tennessee. There are numerous stories of his service in the patriot cause including Kings Mountain in early publications in Maury County. I'm seeking to find documentation for these stories and accounts. Can anyone help me? Email direct at: Will Cooper
Posted September 17, 2007
OCTOBER 2007 Looking for information on william vann or john vann Email direct at: austin vann Posted October 19, 2007 I am looking for information about James Craven of the 1st NC Regt who swore the oath of Allegiance in 1778 in Valley Forge Email direct at: diane saturday Posted October 19, 2007 Jacob Merritt, son of Capt Robert Merritt, of Sampson-Dumplin County, was my great, great grandfather. I am trying to find information on him and his wife. At some point, they moved to Georgia; she later came to Henry County Alabama. Email direct at: David Merritt Ham Posted October 19, 2007 I am looking for the parents of robert murdach born nc 1820sand his wife mary c dollar Email direct at: carl helverson Posted October 19, 2007 One of my GGGGGrandmothers was hanged on her farm by Tories for not divulging the whereabouts of her husband & his group gathering in the woods to fight against the British. Does anyone know of any document verifications? Email direct at: Carl Hightower Posted October 19, 2007 I am trying to do research on 2 ancestors that fought in the Rev. War in North Carolina. They are Capt. John Dickinson and his son in law Robert Simms. I believe John was from Northampton County. He supposedly suffered a lot of destruction of his property from the Tories. I saw on the account books vol2 where it listed John Dickinson, but said should be Richard dickinson who was mustered as ensn, then lt, then ensn and lt. Robert Simms was in his father in laws company. Any information that you could give would be greatly appreciated. Email direct at: Tony Hall Posted October 30, 2007 NOVEMBER 2007 I am looking for information of Patrick McGuire I do know that he did applied and received a pension from the war and he may have served with his brothers? Looking for any information of Patrick McGuire b 1740 Located in Surry and Yadkin Counties have his pension # as s7211. Email direct at: Michelle Mcguire Posted November 10, 2007 I am trying to find information on Benjamin Stone Rev War who was commissioned on 20 July 1778 in NC served nine months... He was in the 10th Regiment Blouts Command Email direct at: Darlene Posted November 10, 2007 Researching specifically, Capt. Charles Allen, lineal ancester through my mother's family; seeking info on land grant to same, believed to have been in Warren County NC, seeking soldier diary entries of battles of campaigns Capt. Allen was in, (Monmouth, Phila., Valley Forge, etc.); seeking pay records, records of any commands, etc. Email direct at: Ken Barlow Posted November 10, 2007 I'm searching for information about my 5th great grandfather James Billingsley, who was a patriot in the Rev. War. He was born in MD 1726, He moved with his family to Guilford NC abt. 1768. He was quite active in the war. In 1776 he was hanged by the tories in his own back yard because he refused to give them money. I need to prove he was a patriot, not just hearsay. I found out he was a known Regulator during this time period. He was an Elder in the Abbott Creek Church in NC. Would any one have any information that will varify him being a patriot. Email direct at: Dorothy Posted November 10, 2007

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