Descriptive List of Men in Companies 1-5

    These rosters will contain the names of the North Carolina soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War.

    May 25, 2778
    A Discriptive list of men raised under the present Act of Assembly, in Companies 
    1-15 Inclusive. Signed by Capt. Ralph Williams, 9-N.B.
    (The yellowed sheets tell the age, height, color, eyes and hair and trade.)
    Capt. Richard Taylor's Co.
    John Beavor, shoemaker
    John Williams, planter
    Jeffrey Garus, planter in the room of Wm. Edwd. Cock
    Edmund Kelly, planter
    Capt. Sam'l Fowler's Company
    John Smith, planter
    Charles Floid, planter
    John Langford, planter
    Jesse Landford, planter
    Henry Hays, planter
    Corben Hickmen, planter
    Capt. John Rush
    Abraham Jones
    Jonathan Jones
    Bird Driver
    Isaac Anderson, planter
    Jenkens Gowan (mulatto)
    Capt. Abraham Pollard
    James Gallemore, planter
    Luke Searsey, planter
    Henry Nowlin, planter
    John Henry Singen, in the room of Joseph Okey
    Capt. Samuel Walker's Company
    George Woodlift, planter
    David Hunt, planter
    Gibson Harris, planter
    David Hatcher, planter
    Tolbert Tucker (several trades)
    John Kennedy, trader
    Capt. Benjamine Wade's Company
    Drusy Cook, planter
    John Emery, planter
    Edmund Emery, planter
    John Taylor, planter
    Thomas Taylor, planter
    Capt. James Langston's Company
    William Langston, planter
    Thomas Merryweather, shoemaker and planter
    Thomas Bressie, planter
    George Reaves, planter
    Capt. Bartlet Searsey's Co.
    Benjamin Hester, planter
    Francis Stainback, card maker by trade
    William Beaver, planter
    Thomas Miner, planter
    Capt. William Gibb's Company
    Buckner Rooks, carpenter
    Joseph Allen, (mulatto) planter
    John Glaze, planter
    Francis Wilkerson, planter
    Capt. Thomas Bradford
    Salkens Nauts, planter
    Elisha Lunceford
    John Hooker
    William Pettiford (mulatto)  Thomas Bradford
    Capt. Richard Searsey's Co.
    Asa Searsey, planter
    David Harris, planter
    Oswell Searsey, carpenter
    Lewis Simms, planter
    Capt. William Knight's Co.
    John Martin, wheelwright for Col. Sam'l Smith
    Fulvill Hall, planter
    Augustus Woodliff, planter
    David Allen, planter
    James Beaver
    Capt. James Currins' Co.
    John Hopkins, planter
    George Briscoe, planter
    Aaron Sprinkfield, blacksmith
    Alex. Hamilton, blacksmith
    John Hudson, planter
    Capt. Thomas Saleswhites' Co.
    John Pharoah, carpenter
    Arthur Marcum, carpenter
    Charles Regan, planter
    Thomas Mullet, planter
    Richard Edwards, blacksmith
    William Tabor, planter
    Capt. James Jones' Co.
    William Cox, planter
    Hempton White, planter
    James Jones, planter
    Joshua Greenwitch, planter

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