Payroll of Capt. Wm Earl's Company
of the 1st NC Regiment of Militia
Commanded by Col. Samuel Jarvis

    [Page 1059, Vol. XVII]
    Pay Roll, of Wm. Earl’s of the 1st N. C. Regt., commanded by Col. Sam’l. Jarvis.
    William Earl, Capt.
    Earl Venelson, Lieut.
    John Smithers, Ensn.
    Thomas Barnes, Ensn.
    James Dalmer, Ensn.
    1. Aaron Harkins, Sergt.
    2. John McDaniel, Sergt.
    3. John Griffin, Sergt.
    4. Rich’d. Stubbs, Corpl.
    5. Jesse Holt, Corpl.
    6. Daniel Richardson, Corpl.
    7. Edward Hazell, Drum’r.
    8. Thomas Johnson, Fifer
    9. William Matthews, private
    10. Rich’d Davis, private
    11. John Clifton, private
    12. Josiah Telph, private
    13. John Davis, private
    14. Richard Frazier, private
    15. Isaac Alexander, private
    16. Joseph Hassel, private
    17. Adkins Mosey, private
    18. James Davenport, private
    19. Fred’k. McNeil
    20. William Dartreck
    21. Stephen Long, private
    22. Miles Hatfield, private
    23. Thomas Roberts, private
    24. Colin Bouch, private
    25. Henry Milers, private
    26. William Burch, private
    27. Wm. Simons, private
    28. Finch Terry, private
    29. Thomas Terry, private
    30. Benjamin James, private
    31. Wm. Mills, private
    32. Wm. Cole, private
    33. Samuel Brothers, private
    34. Wm. Briggs, private
    35. Joseph Terrell
    36. Joshua Armes
    37. Stephen Barnes
    38. Thomas Allen
    39. James Onion

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