Loyalist and Provincial Regiments

    Contributed by Jim Gillgam

    Our patriot ancestors were fighting against not just British troops from England, but 
    their own countrymen that stayed loyal to the King. 
    This is not a complete list, but it gives an idea of the thousands of loyalist troops 
    involved. Most of these troops and their families resettled in Canada after the war ended. 
    Some stayed and faced persecution by the patriots.
    The Royal American Regiment/60th Foot
    The Carolina King's Rangers
    The Royal Fencible Americans
    The Kings American Dragoons
    Jessup's Battalion
    Pieters Corps
    Rawdon's Volunteers of Ireland
    The Royal Invincible Americans "Royal Greens"
    Lord Dunmore's Royal Ethopian Regiment
    The Scotch Loyalists
    The Royal Highland Regiment/42nd Foot
    The Queen's Rangers
    Loyal Nova Scotia Volunteers
    The New York Volunteers
    The King's American regiment
    The Prince of Wales' American Regiment
    The Maryland Loyalists
    Battalion of Chasseurs
    Georgia Loyal Rangers
    The Forty-Second Regiment of Highlanders
    The Seventy-Fourth Regiment of Highlanders
    De Lancey's Battalions
    The Second American regiment
    The South Carolina Royalists
    The North Carolina Highland Regiment
    The King's American Dragoons
    The Royal Highland Emigrants/84th Foot
    The Loyal American Regiment
    The American Legion
    The New Jersey Volunteers
    The British Legion
    The Loyal Foresters
    The Kings Orange Rangers
    The Pennsylvania Loyalist
    The Royal Guides and Pioneers
    The North Carolina Volunteers
    The Georgia Loyalists
    The West Chester Volunteers
    The Loyal New Englanders
    The Associated Loyalists Militia
    Governor Wentworth's Volunteers
    The Queens Rangers
    The Black Pioneers
    Bucks County Dragoons
    The South Carolina Loyalists
    The North Carolina Loyalists
    The North Carolina Highlanders
    The Royal North Carolina Regiment

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