Officers from the First and Second Regiments

    These rosters will contain the names of the North Carolina soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War.

    The Congress met according to adjournment. Taking into consideration the arrangement 
    of the Military troops  (A resolution having been made the day before, to raise a body 
    of forces, consisting of a thousand men, to be done immediately) and the appointment 
    of Officers to command the said troops. Resolved: That they be divided into 2 Regiments 
    consisting of 500 men each, and that 400, part of the first Regiment, be stationed in the 
    District of Wilmington, 200 in the District of Salisbury, 200 in the District of New Bern, 
    and 200 in the District of Edenton  etc.
    Resolved that the following officers be and they are hereby appointed to command the first 
    Regiment, viz:
    James Moore, Esq., Colonel
    Francis Nash, Esq., Lt. Col.
    Thomas Clark, Esq., Major
    Mr. William Williams, Adjutant
    William Davis
    Thomas Allon
    Alfred Moore
    Caleb Graiger
    William Picket
    Robert Rowan
    John Walker
    Henry Dickson
    George Davidson
    William Green
    John Lillington
    Joshua Bowman
    Lawrence Thompson
    Thomas Hogg
    William Berryhill
    Hector McNeill
    Absolom Tatum
    Hezekiah Rice
    William Brandon
    William Hill
    Neill McAlister
    James Childs
    George Graham
    Maurice Moore, Jr.
    John Taylor
    Howell Tatum
    Henry Neill
    Berryman Turner
    Robert Rolston
    Henry Pope
    Doctor Isaac Guion is appointed Surgeon of the First Regiment.
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    Robert Howe, Esq., Colonel
    Alexander Martin, Lt. Col.
    John Pattern, Esq., Major
    Dr. John White, 1st Capt. And Adjutant
    James Blount
    Michael Payne
    Simon Bright
    John Armstrong
    Henry Irwin Toole
    Hardy Murphree
    Charles Crawford
    Nathaniel Keais
    John Walker
    John Grainger
    Clement Hall
    William Fenner
    Benjamin Williams
    Robert Smith
    Edward Vail, Jr.
    John Herritage
    John Williams
    Joseph Tate
    James Gee
    Henry Vipson
    Whitmell Pugh
    John Olliver
    Philip Low
    James Cook
    John Woodhouse
    William Gardner
    William Caswell
    Benjamin Cleveland
    Joseph Clinch
    Dr. William Pastuer, Surgeon to 2nd Regiment.
    The congress met according to adjournment. The House taking into consideration the 
    appointment of the Field Officers of the Minute Men, came to the following Resolution:
    Resolved, That the following persons be appointed to wit:
    Edenton District  Edward Vail, Col.; Caleb Nash, Major; Andrew Knox, Lt. Col.
    Halifax District  Nicholas Long, Col.; Jethro Sumner, Major; Henry Irwin, Lt. Col.
    Saisbury District  Thomas Wade, Col.; Joseph Hardin, Major; Adlai Osburn, Lt. Col.
    Hillsboro District  Jones Thackston, Col.; James Moore, Major; John Williams, Lt. Col.
    New Bern District  Richard Caswell, Col.; James Gorham, Major; William Bryan, Lt. Col.
    Wilmington District  Alexander Lillington, Col.; Samuel Swann, Major; Robert Ellis, Lt. Col.
    And that the following persons be Field Officers of the Militia.
    CURRITUCK COUNTY  1 Company. Samuel Jarvis, Col.; Taylor Jones, 1st Major; Dennis 
    Dauge, Lt. Col.; John Nicholson, 2nd Major.
    PASQUOTANK COUNTY  1 Company. John Lowery, Col.; Demsey Burgess, Major; Isaac 
    Gregory, Lt. Col.; Joshua Campbell, 2nd Major.
    PERQUIMANS COUNTY  1 Company. Miles Harvey, Col.; Thomas, 1st Maj.; William Skinner, 
    Lt. Col.; Richard Clayton, 2nd Major.
    CHOWAN COUNTY  Two Companies. Thomas Bonner, Col.; James Blount, Lt. Col.; Thomas 
    Benbury, 1st Major; Jacob Hunter, 2nd Major.
    BERTIE COUNTY  2 Companies. Thomas Whitmill, Col.; Thomas Pugh, Lt. Col.; James 
    Moore, 1st Major; Arthur Brown, 2nd Major.
    HERTFORD COUNTY  1 Company. Benjamin Wynns, Col.; Matthias Brickle, Lt. Col.; 
    Lawrence Baker, 1st Major; George Lyttle, 2nd Major.
    TYRELL COUNTY  1 Company. Edward Buncombe, Col.; Benjamin Blount, Lt. Col.; James 
    Long, 1st Major; Joseph Spruill, 2nd Major.
    MARTIN COUNTY  1 Company. William Williams, Col.; Whitmell Hill, Lt. Col.; Thomas 
    Wiggins, 1st Major; Kenneth McKenzie, 2nd Major.
    HALIFAX COUNTY  3 Companies. John Bradford, Col.; William Alston, Lt. Col.; David 
    Sumner, 1st Major; Egbert Haywood, 2nd Major.
    NORTHAMPTON COUNTY  2 Companies. Allen Jones, Col.; William Eaton, Lt. Col.; Jeptha 
    Atherton, 1st Major; Howell Edmunds, 2nd Major.
    EDGECOMBE COUNTY  3 Companies. William Haywood, Col.; Sherwood Haywood, Lt. Col.; 
    Joseph Moore, 1st Major; Henry Horne, 2nd Major.
    BUTE COUNTY  2 Companies. Williams Person, Col.; Phil Hawkins, Lt. Col.; William Alston, 
    1st Major; Thomas Sherwood, 2nd Major.
    ANSON COUNTY  2 Companies. Samuel Spencer, Col.; Charles Medlock, Lt. Col.; James 
    Auld, 1st Major; David Love, 2nd Major.
    MECKLENBURG COUNTY  2 Companies. Thomas Polk Col.; Adam Alexander, Lt. Col.; 
    John Phifer, 1st Major; John Davidson, 2nd Major.
    GUILFORD COUNTY  1 Company. Ransom Sutherland, Col.; James Martin, Lt. Col.; John 
    Paisley, 1st Major; John Tate, 2nd Major.
    TRYON COUNTY  2 Companies  William Graham, Col.; Charles Maclaine, Lt. Col.; Thomas 
    Beatty, 1st Major; Frederick Hambright, 2nd Major.
    SURRY COUNTY  1 Company. Martin Armstrong, Col.; Joseph Williams, Lt. Col.; William 
    Hall, 1st Major; Joseph Winston, 2nd Major.
    ROWAN COUNTY  2 Companies  Griffith Rutherford, Col.; Francis Locke, Lt. Col.; John 
    Dobbins, 1st Major; James Brandon, 2nd Major.
    CRAVEN COUNTY  2 Companies. Joseph Leech, Col.; John Bryan, Lt. Col.; John Benners, 
    1st Major; Frederick Becton, 2nd Major.
    CARTERET COUNTY  1 Company. William Thomas, Col.; Solomon Shepherd, Lt. Col.; 
    Thomas Chadwick, 1st Major; Malichi Bell, 2nd Major.
    BEAUFORT COUNTY  1 Company. James Bomer, Col.; Thomas Bomer, Lt. Col.; Roger 
    Ormond, 1st Major; William Brown, 2nd Major.
    HYDE COUNTY  1 Company. Rotheas Latham, Col.; Benj. Parmelin, Lt. Col.; William Russell, 
    1st Major; Thomas Jones, 2nd Major.
    JOHNSTON COUNTY  1 Company. Needham Bryan, Col.; William Bryan, Lt. Col; John Smith, 
    1st Major; Samuel Smith, Jr., 2nd Major.
    DOBBS COUNTY  3 Companies. Abraham Sheppard, Col.; Thomas Torrans, Lt. Col.; Martin 
    Caswell, 1st Major; William McKinnie, 2nd Major.
    PITT COUNTY  1 Company. John Simpson, Col.; Robert Salter, Lt. Col.; George Evans, 1st 
    Major; James Armstrong, 2nd Major.
    BRUNSWICK COUNTY  1 Company. John Davis, Col.; Thomas Davis, Lt. Col.; Richard 
    Quince, Jr., 1st Major; Parkr Quince, 2nd Major.
    ONSLOW COUNTY  2 Companies. William Cray, Col.; Henry Rhodes, Lt. Col.; Thomas 
    Johnston, 1st Major; James Howard, 2nd Major.
    DUPLIN COUNTY  2 Companies. James Kenon, Col.; Richard Clinton, Lt. Col.; Thomas 
    Routledge, 1st Major; James Moore, 2nd Major.
    CUMBERLAND COUNTY  1 Company. Thomas Rutherford, Col.; Alexander McAlister, Lt. 
    Col.; Duncan McNeill, 1st Major; Alexander McDonald, 2nd Major.
    NEWHANOVER COUNTY  2 Companies. William Puriance, Col.; Sampson Moseley, Lt. 
    Col.; William Moseley, 1st Major; John Devane, 2nd Major.
    BLADEN COUNTY  2 Companies. Thomas Roberson, Jr., Col.; Thomas Brown, Lt. Col.; 
    Thomas Owens, 1st Major; James Richardson, 2nd Major.
    ORANGE COUNTY  3 Companies. John Hogan, Col.; John Butler, Lt. Col.; William Moore, 
    1st Major; Nathaniel Rochester, 2nd Major.
    GRANVILLE COUNTY  3 Companies. Joseph Taylor, Col.; Charles R. Eaton, Lt. Col., 
    Samuel Smith, 1st Major; William Williams, 2nd Major.
    WAKE COUNTY  2 Companies. John Hinton, Col.; Theophilus Hunter, Lt. Col.; John 
    Hinton, Jr., 1st Major; Thomas Hines, 2nd Major.
    CHATHAM COUNTY  2 Companies. Ambrose Ramsey, Col.; Jeduthan Harper, Lt. Col.; 
    Mial Scurlock, 1st Major; Elisha Cain, 2nd Major.

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