Payroll of Capt. Samuel Reid Aug 9, 1780

    These rosters will contain the names of the North Carolina soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War.

    Name & Rank
    Samuel Reid, Capt. (Rowan Co.)
    Robert Allison, Lieut.
    Robert Rawlston, 1st Lt.
    Boston Dyson, 2nd Lt.
    Allen MacCaboy, Ensn.
    Peter Reggen, 1st Corpl.
    James Marlow, 2nd Corpl.
    Arch McCoerade, pt.
    William Whitfield, pt.
    James Norris, pt.
    William Dobbins, pt.
    James McHargers, pt.
    Patrick Hamers, pt.
    Aaron Laranison, pt.
    Robt. Wilson, pt.
    James Weil, pt.
    R. D. Walker, pt.
    James I. Boostax, pt.
    James H. Ware, pt.
    James Ware, pt.
    James Walton, pt.
    William Taylor, pt.
    Arch Smith, pt.
    William Anderson, pt.
    Robert Holmes, pt.
    Thos. Bailey, pt.
    Philip Dyson, pt.
    Robt. Barley, pt.
    Leander Smith, pt.
    James Kidd, pt.
    Ebenezer Dickey, pt.
    Alexander Patterson, pt.
    Michael Kinleven, pt.
    Tarden Ann Hollow, pt.
    William Patterson, pt.
    Note, copied from an original record, by Miss Virginia Alexander of Charlotte. 
    Record is owned by a former N. C. family now living in Montecello, Ga.

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