Sundry Rolls N.C. Militia Light Horse Service

    The State of North Carolina to Capt. Joseph Sharpe & Company, Dr. To 48 Days in the 
    Light Horse Service from the 26th Day of January until the 11th of March, 1781, under the 
    Command of Colo. Francis Lock
    [Pages 1056, Vol. XVII]
    Sundry Rolls Militia.  Light Horse Service.
    1. Joseph Sharpe, Capt.
    2. Arch. Sloan, Lieut.
    3. James Sharpe, private
    4. Richard Homes, private
    5. Hugh Andrew, private
    6. John Shaw, private
    7. John McGagbey, private
    8. Edward Griffith, private
    9. Solomon Shelby
    10. William Cowan
    11. Alexander McUrday
    12. James Stevenson
    13. Samuel Sloan
    14. Francis Queen
    15 Alexander Carson
    16. Arch’d Wasson
    17. Joseph Milsaps
    18 Samuel Billingsbe
    19. John McCoy
    20. Arch’d Hogstone
    21. William McHorgul
    22. George Laskey
    23. John White
    24. John Smith

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