Payroll of
Capt. Augustin Spain's Company
of the 2nd North Carolina Regiment of Militia
Formerly Commanded by Col. Benj. Exum
Now under the Command of Col. Sam'l Jarvis, of the 1st Reg't

    [Pages 1057-8, Vol. XVII]
    Pay Roll, 2nd N. C. Reg’t. of militia, Capt. Augustus Spain’s Co., formerly under 
    command of Col. Benj. Exum, now under Col. Sam’l Jarvis of 1st Reg.
    Augustus Spain, Capt.
    Jno. Reddick, Lieut.
    Nathan Godfrey, Ensn.
    William Spencer, Ensn.
    1. Thos. Worsley, Sergt.
    2. David Everett, Sergt.
    3. Peter Stephens, Corpl.
    4. Micajah Savage, Corpl.
    5. Joel Nichols, Corpl.
    6. Stephen Cader, Corpl.
    7. Isaac Stocks, Corpl.
    8. Bailey Munger, Corpl.
    9. Amos Mayo, Corpl.
    10. John Smith, Corpl.
    11. Elijah Moore, Corpl.
    12. Micajah Bull, Corpl.
    13. Timothy Collins, Corpl.
    14. Wm. Norton, Corpl.
    15. Jno. King, Corpl.
    16. Jno. Nelson, Corpl.
    17. Samuel Spook, Corpl.
    18. Henry Warren, Corpl.
    19. Joshua Gard, Corpl.
    20. Thos. Richardson, Corpl.
    21. Thos. Ammons, Corpl.
    22. Wm. Smith, Corpl.
    23. Wm. Justice, Corpl.
    24. David Justice, Corpl.
    25. Allen Glover, Corpl.
    26. Lemuel Parker, Corpl.
    27. Benj. Glover, Corpl.
    28. Benj. Salisbury, Corpl.
    29. Solomon Jackson, Corpl.
    30. Philip Jean, Corpl.
    31. Augustin Caltrip, Corpl.
    32. Jas. Caltrip, Corpl.
    33. Gideon Pegram, Corpl.
    34. Aaron Cox, Corpl.
    35. Moses Cox, Corpl.
    36. Jacob Wiliferd, Corpl.
    37. Nathan Brake, Corpl.
    38. Wm. Gad, Corpl.
    39. Roan Spicer, Corpl.
    40. Samuel Moore, Corpl.
    41. Isaac Coyed, Corpl.
    42. James Briemfield, Corpl.
    43. Jonah Sunderlin, Corpl.
    44. John Hugo Mannen, Corpl.
    45. Abraham Johnston, Corpl.
    46. Jesse Riden, Corpl.
    47. Micajah Heard, Corpl.
    48. Rich’d. Timberlake, Corpl.
    49. Jesse Crown, Corpl.
    50. Henry Kelly, Corpl.
    51. Jno. Omet, Corpl.
    52. Francis Mundine, Corpl.
    53. Wright Bass, Corpl.
    54. William Caleb, Corpl.
    55. Peter Smith, Corpl.
    56. Isom Norton, Corpl.
    57. Wm. Norton, Corpl.
    N. B. – Faithfully copied from State Records, all names from 2 to 57, Corpls.,
     we venture this is a misprint, from 4 to 57 probably privates.

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