The Volunteers - The Contributions

    This page is dedicated to all of the wonderful transcribers and contributors that we have for the North Carolina in the Revolutionary War site.

    They have each worked tirelessly to transcribe any and all records that are sent in, or they have worked very hard at finding information on their families and have been generous enough to share it with everyone.

    I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you!

    If I have omitted someone that should be on this list PLEASE let me know so that I can add them in. I don't want anyone forgotten for their contributions in making this the best site to do North Carolina in the Revolutionary War Research.


    Helen Peterson ~ Helen has helped with Revolutionary War and Civil War records 
    as well as anything else that I have asked or sent her way. She is also helping to 
    transcribe cemeteries from the photos on other sites as well as all she does to help 
    with Duplin.
    Nancy Prouty ~ Nancy has jumped in and transcribed any and everything that I have 
    sent her as well as learned how to work with the HTML templates so that all of the 
    massive amounts of transcriptions she does are easier for me to post. Her husband 
    Jeff even took the time to make a merging program for her to make it easier to do the 
    Jackie Purdy ~ Jackie has been a champ at doing any and everything I have sent for 
    transcriptions as well as transcribing and sending in letters, stories, family histories 
    and many other things to add to the site. She also learned to work with the HTML 
    template and is always one of the first to help me out when I have something new 
    that needs doing. Jackie has also been a sounding board for me when I get frustrated 
    when no one is sending innew information and also helps me to come up with new 
    things to add to the site.
    Katherine Ricker ~ What can I say about Katherine! She has worked tirelessly helping 
    to transcribe records and even learned to work with the HTML template. She has 
    transcribed for the Duplin site as well as the Revolutionary War and whatever else I have 
    sent her way. She has made me laugh through all of the frustrations I have
    had, and there have been plenty! She has always had a cheerful outlook on whatever 
    came our way. When controversies arise on the mailing list or even with me (I think she
    is psychic!) She is always there with an email to brighten my day and to help me trudge 
    through it.  When I have wanted to throw my hands up and yell  "Uncle, I quit!" Katherine 
    is always there to bring me back down to earth. She has really been a blessing to me.  
    Carol Robinson ~ Carol has helped to transcribe Revolutionary War records, Bible 
    records as well as NC Marriage records for us. She works tirelessly along with all of 
    the other transcribers and pitches in wherever I need her.


    Jim Gillgam ~ Jim has sent in a variety of information to add to this site to aid in researchers
    quests for information. He has been a tremendous help in getting various photos and other 
    information and generously sharing it with me to add to the site.

    I have exclusive permission from the author to post this info. No one should copy and attempt to use these materials.

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